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Hello TI Members, Up for sale is my 95 GSR-T. It has around 170k no rust on the car. i got this car about 3 months ago, and now i can't afford it because of college and monthly rent. Looking to get around $6500 OR BEST OFFER. I'm really negotiable and just want to get something else.

The Bad
need new windshield(still drivable)
3rd gear grinds if you go in fast and 5th gear pops out(can be daily driven still in town, also it is a ls tranny)
this isnt necessarily bad but it could use a good tune

The Good
paint isnt bad
runs strong
AC/PS works good
interior is very nice

Engine Spec
b18c1 170K
drag manifold
ebay turbo AR.50(but previous owner told me it was rebuilt with garret internals, i cannot vouch i'm not sure myself)
no name wastegate(but i place tial 9lb spring in)
APEXI N1 2.5 from downpipe back

no pics right now but will post up tomorrow. i am probably missing some information you guys need, whatever questions or comments please let me know and i will reply ASAP. I'm currently in Iowa City right now for college.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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