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FS: '95 GSR head, IM, Dist, & cams *PICS*

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Pic of the head

Intake Manifold, cams & gears and distributor included!

Valve cover needs some lovin'. Was painted when I got it.

The head is stock. No porting done. Stock valvetrain. 100% stock.

Want $625 shipped for everything. Paypal fees (3%) will be extra.

Drop me a PM w/ AIM name and/or phone number or post on here.

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No sir. Looking to sell as a whole.

Thank you though.
I'm sure he'll separate the head if he has someone else to buy the other parts...
if you separate, how much for the dizzy and IM?
I'll remind him of this thread so that he replies to your questions asap.
How much if I drive down to ATL and pick it up?
Shot you a PM.
jdm_teggy on Feb/21/06 said:
if you separate, how much for the dizzy and IM?

Quote: beady on Feb/21/06 im interested in the valve cover if seperated.
Not looking to part it at the moment. I'll contact you both if anything changes.
Price dropped to $600 shipped for it all.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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