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as stated - a CAI for all 94-01 Integra LS's. i got it off of ebay for right at $35, so the first offer of $25 or $30 gets it. its in great shape, as is the filter, which has under 1500 miles on it. i liked how it looked in the engine bay - really lit things up. i dont want to give you a butt dyno, but when i ran my car stock, it only pulled a 16.5, and when i ran it with this intake and exhaust, it pulled a 15.8. i think we can all agree that just exhaust didnt knock off over a half a second

anyhow, i'll clean it up before i send it. the only marks on it are from where i had it mounted - also, i should add - i like the fitment on this better than i do my new V2

thanks in advance

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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