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I have for sale a 1993 Integra GS. An 18 wheeler swerved over and hit the roof of the car. Big dent in the top, broken windshield, and a broken sunroof is the only damage done to an otherwise immaculate G2. The paint is still good for its age, but slightly faded. The interior is PERFECT minus the back seats which have 2 burnholes in them. The front seats of this G2 are in better condition than my G3... they are in very very good condition. The engine still pulls very strong and I have serviced/replaced many parts recently (which I have listed some below, and will add to the list as I look though my receipts and/or remember lol). It has an automatic transmission which still shifts very smoothly. The car has never been raced, dogged out, or wrecked besides the 18 wheeler accident. The car is red.

I will have pictures posted up on Image Station soon.
user name: sleeper95teg
password: pictures

I will accept all reasonable offers, and I will post a price on some items when I have the time to sit and figure up shipping and all that.

Parts I have recently replaced on the engine:

all belts
spark plugs
and many more things I will post up soon

Items that are removed from the car and ready to be sold:

headliner - grey
drivers side window assembly
sunroof motor assembly
drivers side door panel
OEM mudflaps
chrome window washers with LED light

You can PM me with any questions, and pictures will be up soon.

thanks for looking.
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