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Well, I have been a member of this site for a while and regret having to sell my Integra, but I need reliability for traveling. I recently graduated college and I am joining the service and I need larger, more reliable transportation. I bought an 07 Tacoma X-Runner and I am putting my project teg up for sale. I am the second owner and picked the vehicle up in the summer of 2002. Asking $7000 OBO.This is someones opportunity to pick up where I left off. The car is at my parents house at the moment so I cannot give exact mileage but it's in the mid 170's, I will find out tomorrow. Here goes..

ENGINE (Rebuilt at 170K miles)
-Block was honed and deck was checked for warpage.
-KTeller 3" Turbo piping
-Magnaflow 3" Muffler
-NGK Wires
-Nology Hotwires
-AEM Tru Power Under Drive Pulley Kit
-Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley
-ACT Street Clutch w/ Street Pressure Plate
-ClutchMasters 8.8 Lb Flywheel
-Hondata s200b (2005)
-Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
-JG Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold
-AEM Fuel Rail
-B&M Fuel Pressure Guage
-RC 440cc Saturated Fuel Injectors (With OBDII Clips)
-ARP Head Studs
-JG Dynamics 'Race' Port and Polished Head
-Crower 63402T Turbo Cams
-Crower 84162 Dual Springs and Titanium Retainers
-UnorthodoxRacing Cam Gears
-STR Cam Seal
-SRP 9.1:1 Pistons with JE Pro Rings
-Eagle H-Beam Rods
-ACL Main/Rod Bearings
-Greddy Oil Catch Can (hooked up behind block)
-RevHard Stage II Turbo Kit
Aerospeed Fuel Pressure Regulator
Tial 38mm Wastegate
SC34 T03/04 Hybrid Turbo (rebuilt with motor; bearings and shaft replaced)
28x8x3 RevHard Intercooler
2.25" Charge Pipe / Intercooler Piping
2.5" Downpipe with 2.5" Test Pipe
-Flex-a-lite Radiator Fan (Red)
-Skunk2 Short Shifter
-Walbro 255lph HP Fuel Pump

-Number 1 Coil Overs (1 1/2 Inch Drop)
-Front strut Bar
-16" 6 Spoke White ICW Racing Rims
-Nitto NeoGen Series 205/40/16 Tires
-Skunk2 Front Camber Kit
-Ractive Slotted/Cross Drilled Rotors
-EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads

-Viper Alarm System
-HyperFlasher 6X Hyper Blinker
-Euro Side Markers
-Euro Front Bumper Lights

-Custom Red/Black Carbon Fiber Guage Cluster
-AutoMeter Phantom Air/Fuel Guage
-Autometer Phantom Volt Meter
-Autometer Phantom Oil Pressure Guage
-Autometer Phantom Oil Temperature Guage
-Autometer Phantom Boost Guage
-Autometer Bezel Guage Pod
-Greddy Full Auto/Turbo Timer
-Ractive Shift Knob
-Ignited Engine Start Button
-Ignited Switches (3)
-Red StreetGlow neons (3)
-Fuel Cut-Off Switch
-STR Cigarette Lighter
-Alpine Deck
-Alpine V12 Amp
-12" Polk Momo Subwoofer w/ Glass Enclosure

"Problems" To Date (May 16, 2007)
-Antenna cable needs to be replaced. Antenna is up and won't go down, motor is still good, just needs replaced cable.
-1 stripped oil pan bolt hole (on the backside) causing a slow oil leak. Can easily be fixed with Helicoil but I don't have time as of right now.
-Needs body work, mainly paint. There are a few dents and dings, nothing outlandish but they are there. Car is (was) Milano Red and it has faded. Was partially faded when I picked it up, has worsened over the 5 years I have had it, (see pictures). Previous owned also put in his own Cobra eyes. I intended on replacing the hood but I got too carried away with engine modifications.
-Needs to be re-tuned. The car was tuned for my original moded motor at 7.5 lbs. After the motor was rebuilt and I didn't have the funds to have it re-tuned. I did purchase the 3bar map sensor which will be included with the car along with a lot of other stock parts that were taken off. All that is left besides the tune is larger injectors. The car has been babied for the time it was driven.

That is all I can think of right now, if anything else comes up that I forgot to mention I will add. I did a quick cleaning job because a storm was coming so if it looks a little dirty, it won't be soon. Here are some teasers:

Here are close ups of some of the body flaws:

The motor:


I have more photos and information for WHOEVER is interest. Please feel free to PMSG or e-mail me at [email protected]

And here is my new ride...

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