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~JDM GSR Engine w/ ECU: $1650 obo

~Transmission (LS 1, 2 gear and JDM GSR 3,4,5 gear w/ JDM ITR final Drive and Quaife LSD): $600(In the process of rebuilding it¡Kneeds synchros and something broke loose (there is no wall between each gear. So you can have it now for $600 or you can wait for the rebuilt one with a higher price.)

~Hasport Motor Mounts: $250

~Momo Pilota 1 Steering wheel with NRG short hub and quick release package: $300

~Front Bumper: $50 (PENDING)

~Rear bumper: $50

~Drive Shafts: $120 for all three

~Main carpet (black)(oNLY oNE): $80 (PENDING)

~Trunk Carpet (black)(I have 2 sets): $60 or $110 for front and back carpets

~(15's) Rota Subzero wheels with 205/50/15's Falken Azenis: 500

~Type R Short Shifters(CORRECTIoN I only have 2 left): $10 a piece

~Various types of Shift knobs: 10 a piece

~Red Hood: $85

~Red (Milano) Passenger side Fender: $35

~Red Doors: $85 (each) (PASSENGER SIDE PENDING)

~Grey Door (Driver side only): $50 obo

~Red OBX radiator hoses: $20

~Complete Sunroof assembly: $150

~Black interior conversion: $210

~Skunk2 Rear camber kit: $100

~Black Rear seats: $45 ~SOLD~
~(red) Skunk2 front camber kit: $120 ~SOLD~
~Megan Racing full suspension (32-way adjustable): $500 ~SOLD~
~Black Fenders: $80 ~SOLD~
~Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator w/ single fan: $130 ~SOLD~
~Black Front seats: $100 ~SOLD~
~Black Cargo cover: $30 ~SOLD~
~Ebay Intake: $15 ~SOLD~
~ABS Bracket: $10 ~SOLD~
~Front Pillar Plastics: $20 ~SOLD~
~Glove Box: $20 ~SOLD~
~Strut tower Brace: $30 ~SOLD~
~Red Rear Hatch: $90 ~SOLD~
~Headlights: $70 ~SOLD~ Stereo bracket: $5 ~SOLD~
~Rear disc brake conversion with BREMBO rotors: $175 ~SOLD~


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I'm still considering that passenger door...if only shipping wasnt so much.

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hecks no....i need a knob asap car i bought has a lame red mom knob hahaha and my interior is blue so its pretty bad!!! y derek u got a stock knob for me?
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