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My boy lives in the islands he has 1996 JDM Honda Integra for sale this is what he has done plus more he wants to sell it what do u all think is a good price make offers he will bring the car here this month(Tampa,FL) and yes the car is right hand drive...wit eveything done the car ran a low 12 wiht no nitrous...he will send me a time slip to post up e-mail me at [email protected] if u want pics of i will post up some tomorrow....thanks David

Vehicle: 1996 Honda Integra

1)B16B Civic Type R
2)Stroked to 1.8 L
3)0.25 overbore
4)Eagle H-Beam Forged Rods
5)Wiseco 81mm 9.8:1 mm Pistons
6)Rage Block guard
7)REV - Titanium Valve Springs and Retainers
8)Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams
9)68mm Throttle Body
10)Exhaust port and polish - Stage 3
11)JDM Integra type R gearbox w/LSD
12)Arospeed Short shifter
13)Gunmetal shift knob - Type R style
14)Blitz Dual SBC ID 3
15)Blitz Power Meter ID 3
16)Blitz FATT Turbo Timer17)
17)NOS single fogger wet kit w/ purge kit
18)NOS single fogger dry kit
19)Autometer Phantom gauges
20)-Oil pressure
21)-Fuel pressure
22)-Boost (30 PSI)
24)-Air/Fuel Ratio
26)Autometer Shift light - pill setup
27)Full JDM integra type R interior
28)Full JDM integra type R Dash accents
29) T3/t04e Garrett turbocharger
30)ssautochrome equal length manifold
31)tial 42mm wastegate
32)greddy type s blow off valve
33)rev hard intercooler & piping
34)groundwire kit
35)type r front and rear upper sway bars
36)tokico white illumina 5 way adjustable shocks
37)skunk2 coilovers
38)walbro 255 lph intak fuel pump
39)vortech fmu 12:1
40)vortech fuel rail w/regulator
41)eagle talon 450cc injectors
42)buddy club race spec fuel computer

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depending on milage.. id say u can probably get approx $7-8K outta the car...

that still depends on the milage...


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Tial doesnt make a 42mm wastegate. They made a 35mm but now thats replaced by the 38mm. They also make a 40mm and 46mm. Also why would u stroke out a Civic Type R motor?? Its got the best r/s Ratio of all B-series honda motors. It great for an NA setup.

Also we really cant say a price on the car. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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We need to know things like how many miles is on the car and engine and how much they are trying to sell it for a pic of the car would be very nice

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Usually, the more mods made to a car, the less it sells keep that in mind. Unless you find someone that wanted to do the exact same things to the car, its probably going to lower the price having so much done.

IMO, at least.

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i want to see numbers.. its not hard to get a teg clip.. sh*t i can get 2 right now for less than 2gs and make a US teg look like a JDM one.. just cuz its right hand drive doesnt mean its a real "JDM" car...
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