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FS 16" konig traffik wheels

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hey guys,
i have three 16"X 7" konig traffik wheels for sale, silver with polished lip, nice wheels, they are dicontinued but you should be able to pick one up on ebay or here. no tires, caps, or optional trim rings.

the spacing is the typical 4x100mm.
check konigs site for offset, looks like normal 35mm???

here is a pic of one of them, they have a few scuffs on the lip but nothing too noticable. could be sanded and polished out with some time. no bends and look very straight.

bought them than they have sat in my garage in the boxes they came in! these are very nice rims that would look awesome on a teg or any honda.

pm me offer on them, i will ship by fedex insured with tracking number.

check out my feedback on here in my profile or on ebay
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make me an offer on them, just need to get rid of them, taking up space. not wanting too much though....
nice wheels, i'd buy them once i sell my 15's. if you still have them by then, i'd take them off your hands
i will just post a price here and see what you guys think

$175 shipped (will only ship in the u.s.)
also i take paypal. thanks.
How about a little bit lower? I'm a broke ass hahaha
well i can't go a lot lower since shipping is going to be around $50 i would say.

i will take more pics tomorrow when i can get to my garage (damn snow storm)
well $175 sounds alright to me then, but how soon do you need to sell these rims? i need to sell my old rims so i can buy some tires for those 16's, that's if i buy them.
i would like to have them gone within a week or two at max.
770gsr you have a pm
new price:
$150 shipped for the 3 wheels
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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