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Cleaning out the garage and have all sorts of stuff off my 98 LS.

OEM 94+ Hood- $100 OBO
JDM Carbon Fiber Hood (Damage)- $25 OBO
JDM Front Bumper (Damage)- $50 OBO
JDM Front Fenders (Damage)- $35 OBO
Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser- $45 OBO
Tan Rear Seats- Free for Pick up
Tan Civic Driver Seat- Free for Pick up
Tan Dash- Offer
Stock Acura CD Player- $20 OBO
Full primered interior ready for paint- $100 OBO
Custom-made by Me Sparco Knock-off Racing Bucket- $125 OBO
Tan trunk carpet- Offer

Everything is negotiable, some will go for free or trades so shoot me offers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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