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I’ve got a couple motors for sale and bunch of random parts.

Lsvtec gsr head on 2001 ls block
Has golden eagle oil plate, itr style intake manifold, aem adjustable cam gears, stock gsr cams, only has about 1000 miles on it since the lsvtec swap. I scrapped the body because every body panel was beat up bad. Never got it to run on the chipped obd1 p28? I had for it with the the obd1 to obd2 converter harness. Couldn’t get it to pass echeck so it just sat until I pulled the motor a few months ago. Had an oil leak out of the oil plate I believe (was dripping down the back of the block.) it ran fine and I never rev’d it hard because I was just trying to get it to pass echeck on the original obd2 ls ecu. The block was stock ls with about 150k on it. My buddy that I got it off of bought the gsr head online and it works fine except one of the cam bolts was broken so I extracted it and rethreaded it. This is a good candidate for a winter build up if you want to build the block and have the cam bolt repaired more professionally. Water pump and timing belt were replaced with oem gsr parts when the head swap was done. Brand new oem distributor on it. Make me an offer, I’m not trying to make a bunch of money off of it since I am recommending a rebuild before installing it. Just a good platform for a build.

1994 ls swap, ran fine when I pulled it, 170,000miles if I remember correctly. Also recommending a rebuild. I was lax on the oil changes bought the car from auction and just drove it around as a beater until it was involved in a rear end collision.

2 manual ls transmissions, one from the 2001 the other from the 94, neither had any grinds or notable issues of any kind.

I am willing to part out either of these motors or sell everything as a large group buy, I also have a manual pedal set from the 94, new brake master cylinder (autozone) that came off the 94, motor mounts from the 94.

Mishimoto all aluminum radiator for integra in decent shape with some bent fins.

I’m willing to get rid of it all for cheap, I lf you have any questions just let me know, I used every part I am selling, it all worked when I took the motors out. Once again I am recommending a rebuild on both of the motors and the offers I am willing to accept will reflect that. Located 15 minutes west of Akron Ohio. I can deliver to a nearby location if payment is made In advance for a small fee but I would prefer not to.
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