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I'm working on something, and the Teggy may have to go.

95 White Integra GSR
94K on it

Rust pretty bad on driverside wheel well
a few other small rust spots
Paint is faded in a few spots

AEM Cold Air Intake
Rear lower Tie Bar
Powerslot front and rear slotted rotors
Axis Pads front and rear
Yellow headlight bulbs stock wattage (high beam 9005 modified to fit in low beam 9006)
Ricer blue 100wt high beams
Taillights painted all red to look like 98+ integra lights
Front turn signals painted all amber to look like 98+ turn signals
Upgraded speakers in the front doors (can't remember what brand)
The entire car is lined in dyna-mat
no other performance mods at the moment
Included with the car but not installed is a DC Sports 4-1 header also.

Since I bought this car in Oct, I have replaced the following:
drivers side door lock mechanism

All fluids replaced with OEM Honda fluids EXCEPT coolant (it's on my to do list)
Timing belt, water pump and fiel filter are also on my to do list, so consider them not done right now-consider them done though.

The entire interior was recently removed and a full interior detail was done. The carpets were cleaned as best as avid detailer can.

Not included in the car but can be included for $500 extra is a full 98 JDM ITR suspension (front and rear springs, struts, rear lower control arms, front and rear sway bars and a spacer kit for the rear sway bar)

Asking price is $5000 negotiable. . .

email at

[email protected]

cell 847-502-8670

Thanks for looking. . .pics will be up tonight and post will be updated.

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