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Hey all, I've pretty much sorted out all major issues with my car finally. However, while replacing my ignition switch, I noticed someone had installed an aftermarket security system in the car (Viper 300). Of course, since it had never caused me issues before, I simply removed it (as it was connected to the ignition switch) and went about my business. Come a couple weeks later, and suddenly I have some electrical shenanigans occur.

I brought it to the shop to have them diagnose my A/C not working and a CEL, but had to have it towed because, after many successful starts between changing the switch and bringing it in, the antitheft system native to the car kicked in... Only once. Has ran fine ever since, save one other time today (a month later). Shop owner told me this: "this car is an electrical nightmare. ECU doesn't communicate correctly, we change a setting, it says it's changed, but doesn't change. We tested your A/C, it works when wired, but the ECU doesn't talk with it. I dunno man". Upon further inspection, my ECU wiring looks... hacked. I'll post more pictures later.

Car is a 2000 GS.


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