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first wash of 2006

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sup guys just wanted to post some pics of the teg after the first wash of this year. i use to wash it twice a week then it went to once a week, nowadayz it's when im not to lazy and bored with nothing to do. LOL now with football season over gonna get real boring for me.
anyways here r some pic.

thanks for looking.
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I love it.

Is it multicolred car is aswell.
You make the JDM front-end look graceful.

Very few others have

Take it as a compliment since I seem to not like them anymore

Very Beautiful... Thats what im going for in my car too
I've always loved your teg. Mainly because of the wheels but it's sooo beautiful.
that mini-skateboard ur other ride. i keep my real board in the back. for skating and emergenices purpoeses but beutiful car
man that thing looks like its 10 shades of white. repaint her all one color ha.
18" Volk LE37 i believe
g3teg97 on Feb/06/06 said:
18" Volk LE37
im still "TRYING" to save for a paint job so that's y u see 10 different colors of white LOL. the parts i painted myself were the side mirrors, side molding, oem optional sides/rear valances and type r spoiler from spoilerdepot.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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