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Hey all, first off I want to say that I am completely new to all of this. I've done tons of research and I still feel like I have so much to learn. However, I also decided it is time I start my first build and figured here would be a good place to share my plans and ideas.

What I have:
1991 Integra RS DA9
B20B (stock internals and mileage unknown but appears to be in great shape)
stock tranny
Tanabe T70029 Medalion Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System
Tein (GSA32-1USS2) Street Basis Coilover
Brembo rotors
K&N RF-1005 Universal Air Filter

Everything else (other than sounds system) is stock.

What I want to do:
This is going to be my daily driver until I get something else so reliability is a must. 270-300whp is my goal but will adjust according to budget. Because most of the internals will be stock I would like to keep PSI below 10. Also, I'm going to be using a stock auto tranny until I swap a 5 speed into it.

What I want to get:
ARP Connecting Rod Bolts
ARP 208-4303 Head stud kit
Skunk2 Pro Series mani
P75 Hondata S300 Ready ecu
Hondata S300 V3
Ebay Kit

Open to any and all suggestions!

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Welcome to TI. Keep posing the progress. Oh yeah, when I hear words like "reliable", "boosted", all in one sentence makes me wanna yawn. Of course you can buy the best parts and have it professionally assembled, but even then wouldn't you be tempted to floor it at every opportunity? If so, you got to consider that any car that is pushed to it's limit is going to require extensive maintenance, and repair. Just my 5 cents.
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