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Yes I'm aware there's a billion posts about this, I've spent about 2-3 weeks or so researching everything for re-building my engine. I just want a couple sets of eyes to overlook these parts and tell if there's any major issues they see right of the bat and a few other questions. I have a full shop and have always worked on my own cars, but I've never rebuilt an engine. If I'm a moron and missed some rule of the forum go ahead and tell me.

I've bought a 97' Integra GS with rod knock. I'm assuming its spun a bearing. I got it for super cheap with low mileage and no rust, its exactly what I was looking for. If I can, I'd like to rebuild the engine first with good internals, and then later on next year turbo it and upgrade a few other things. My goal is 325-ish HP, from what I've read, most of these parts should be good to 400+. If you think I'm good to less or more than that, let me know.

First step is lifting the engine and fully disassembling. If the crank is bad, I'll have it resurfaced. Same goes for the cylinders if they have bad scoring or are ovaled. If not I'll just hone them.

First step of the build:
Honda OEM or similar Water pump, Oil pump, and whole engine gasket set, timing belt.
ARP headstuds
Brian Crower Springs and retainers
This set of Nippon Pistons, Pins and SCAT rods: Nippon Racing JDM Turbo Honda B-Series Pistons Piston Kit with SCAT Rods (B18A, B18B, LS Block)
ACL bearings
New engine + transmission mounts

So a couple questions with this so far. Those pistons and rods will change the compression from 9.2.10 to 9.23.10. I would prefer to not have to convert from OBD2 to OBD1 and tune the car at this stage if I don't have to. Do you think changing from 9.2 to 9.23 will affect it that much with a stock ECU, would it be drivable? At this time it will still be the stock injectors. I'm not intending on changing the cams if I don't have to, but I've heard if you change your compression ratio you might. Would that only be for massive changes, ie 9.2.10 to 10.5.10? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If so far that's all sounds possible, these would be my next steps:
Bosch 650 or 750CC injectors
DW200 fuel pump
OBD2 to 1 harness, compatible ECU (more on this below)
Turbo, intercooler, downpipe, blowoff valve, boost gauge and controller etc.

I'll either source a turbo kit, or build one myself later on down the road once I get that far. Once I have an OBD1 harness and ECU, how do I go about tuning or preparing for a tune at a dyno? Should I get an s300 system from Hondata or are there alternatives?

I know this is a lot of questions, so thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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that rod knock talk is spooky. I guess you'll find out soon enough. if you're going to spend all the money to do this.. why wouldn't you save for the new cams? and in my opinion you should hit most everything on that second list and think about nitrous instead of the turbo. the new pistons look like they can take a heavy shot.. although you shouldn't push that 400 number.

post pics!
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