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Me & my coworker were just wonderin what cars they might feature in the sequel. Here's what we came up with

1.Acura-Rsx,type s,type r
2.Toyota- M-r2, New shape celica,maybe matrix
4.Honda- Civic, prelude,& accord
6.Mitsubishi-New shape eclipse
7.Hundyai- New Tiburon
But what would be the featured car you know how like the eclipse & supra were featured. I know the producers are reconsidering not having Vin diesel after XXX's opening weekend.

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no the producers aren't reconsidering him from what i've heard it was like vin diesal was asking for too much money so he left and the main producer guy left also because vin diesal left but im not sure.

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there was a skyline in the first one, how about a mistubishi evo vII or some sick hybrids like the Hachiroku powered by a s2000 motor (i have a jap car video with that car) the didnt even show off the skyline in the first one, they obviously dont know about its supremacy

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Quote: stovee on Aug/14/02man Vin made that movie. Payul Walker can't act for sh*t. If hes not doing it they should just show the cars and girls and play the movie without sound. [/QUOTE]

Ha! Yeah Vin wanted 20 mil to do the movie and they weren't going for it & the director wasn't do it if Vin wasn't in it, he directed XXX too. Dumb move I just saw F&F recently and Vin makes the movie. How the hell is Ja rule gonna be in it if it's set in Miami this time. His character was from California. I understand Paul Walker's character he's a cop they can move him around.
Oh I forgot my friend said they might have an altima in it like they had the Maxima what do you think. Other sugesstions New honda hatch, and ford focus.

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Top Car list for show if its not in the movie im not going to see it!! ok i know i will but there better be at least one them in there!!

1.Mazda RX-7 Type RZ
2.Toyota AB-Flug Supra S900
3.Nissan 350Z
4.Volkswagen Golf R32
5.Honda Civic Type-R
6.Honda RSX TYPE S
7.Honda NSX Type S
8.Volkswagon Golf Dalbach? duno correct speeling
9.Honda Integra Type R

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Here ya go a sneak peak at the NEW STAR to F&F2 Owned by the same person who owned the Supra...Craig Lieberman !
Specs for this bad boy are as follows.

2x HKS GT2540 turbochargers
K&N carbon-Kevlar intake air box
Mine's carbon fiber radiator tray
Nitrous Express direct-port 150 shot, 3x carbon fiber bottles
Nitrous Express Ntercooler Chiller system
HKS 264 degree camshafts, intake and exhaust
HKS adjustable camshaft gears
HKS 720 cc/min fuel injectors
HKS twin-plate clutch
HKS titanium exhaust
A'PEXi radiator overflow header tank
Garage oil header tank
HKS front-mount intercooler
HKS boost controller
HKS turbo timer
HKS SSQV blowoff valve
Veilside "turbo" oil cap

HKS remote reservoir dampers
Gold Line racing springs
NISMO aluminum control arms
NISMO titanium strut tower bar

Wheels: HRE 19x10 Model 446 wheels

Tires: Toyo Proxes T1-S tires, 275/30ZR19W

Exterior Mods: C-West body kit (front/rear bumpers, side skirts)
C-West carbon fiber rear wing
"Craig's Candy Blue" paint

Interior Mods:
Roll cage by RJ's Chassis
Sparco Milano seat
Sparco four-point harness
Sparco steering wheel
NISMO floor mats
Veilside shift knob
G-Tech Pro
HKS gauges (A-pillar)
NISMO Multi-Function Display
Project-u pedal pads

Thats good for 800HP BEFORE THE 150 shots NITROUS !


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I have a album with the cars from the try outs but I'm not at my house, when I get home I'll post the album of the other cars that made it in.
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