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newbie here - and a pretty recent acquirer of a '98 Honda Integra Type R DC2 (engine code B18C6 - pretty much just a euro version of the B18C5)

I was wondering if any of you encountered this sort of behavior. So basically sometimes while driving at constant revs and speed with the gas pedal just lightly depressed, the motor seems to start struggling for a bit and the revs start dropping without me moving the gas pedal whatsoever. If I depress it just ever so slightly more, the revs jump back and the car jumps forward violently, as if it would do if I let off the clutch too quickly.

This happens on first and second, but also while maintaining my speed around town on fourth (also around 2k rpm). I have since took off the throttlebody and cleaned all the nasty filth all the previous owners left there for me hoping it might do the trick, but no... Quick acceleration doesn't seem to be affected, it's just the slow acceleration and constant speed that cause this occasionaly. No check engine light or anything, only abs dashlight, but that's another story. :)

Any suggestions on what to check would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and here's a cinematically flawless video too... Please keep in mind, that every time the revs start falling slightly, I have not moved my foot on the gas pedal. Only when the car jerks forward is when I have depressed the gas slightly more. Also, in the middle of the video, I stop the car on purpose, that has nothing to do with the problem...

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