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I've been unemployeed for way too long and I'm running short on cash for rent and living expense.
Decided to sell her and let her go, This was for my girlfriend.

Located in California
There are 2 motors included, 1st to be smoggable or DD cruiser and 2nd motor for more power fully built
and I doubt very much it'll be smoggable which is why there is 2 motors

Non smoking and Always kept in a 6 Layer Car Cover
Which I will include also, comes with a carry bag, Wire/Chain , Lock to keep it covered and safe.
This was a weekend/Fun car. Never seen the tracks or the beach. Baby'd real well. If washed always detailed and waxed.
The Tranny isnt even broken in yet. only about 130 miles put on it at most.

Pretty much a Finished project car, all there is left to do was Sleeve it, Chip the ECU and re-dyno it and re-tune it.
add big brake kit and probably change out the exhaust to something 3inch and the car is complete.
But ever since I lost my job I decided to put it on pause and wait it out. But it looks like Waiting is taking too long for me to find a new job.

Now the specs to best of my knowledge, I might've left some stuff out and forgot that I ever had it on.
still registered and stickers on, was smogged sometime Q2 ? of 2010 I'd have to double check

Not parting out,

Engine1- Installed (passed smog)
- B18B
- Comptech USA cat back exhaust
- OEM Catalytic converter
- Skunk2 intake manifold
- Omni power Throttle body 70mm w/ custom reducer to about 68mm
- P2R thermal intake manifold gasket
- Samco radiator hoses (Black)
- White valve cover w/ new nuts
- Customs; Radiator overflow tank, Stainless steel LS spark plug cover, Radiator stay brackets
- Headlights harness wire tuck, Cruise control delete, Window wiper liquid tank delete, Abs fuse box, and Main fuse box relocation/tucked under glove department
- battery relocated into trunk w/ circuit breaker and fuses
- Brand new Battery 500Amp Bought 11/26/2010
- DC sport battery tie (Polish)
- Carbing oil catch can (installed)
- NGK Laser platinum spark plugs
- RevHard Turbo Kit
- Chrome Tial External Wastegate
- Greddy RS BoV
- .57 Trim Turbo 60AR
- CX Racing 3row Radiator (Coated in Thermal Black coating same as the Intercooler for complete sleeper)
- Greddy Turbo Carb Legal stickers
- The Couplers were in blue which I dont like, so the ones That you can see from the Engine bay has been replaced to black so it's less noticable.

with the Turbo kit, maybe added about 300 miles ?

Engine2- (Not installed)
- B18A
- Top end:
- Fully ported and polished by an engine builder at JG
- Crower Dual Valve Springs
- Crower 404 cams
- Crower Oversized valves
- LS Intake manifold slightly ported
- ARP Head Studs
- HKS Old School Cam Gears

Bottom end:
- JE SRP forged pistons 81.5 oversized/10:5:1
- Eagle Forged Rods
- Integra Type R Flywheel
- Engine fully balanced
- Integra Type R water pump
- 550 Injectors
- Magnetic Mugen Oil plug

Have not installed yet because I was going to get it Sleeved then get the ECU chipped and re-Tuned/Dyno'd
so that gives the next guy something to do I suppose, If he wants to sleeve it

- Level10 Transmision Rated up to 450+ HP
- Level10 Torque Converter

Got the entire thing from their site , sent my OEM tranny in with the TQ and they upgraded it and added some stuff to it.
Pretty much Brand new

- Advan RG II (white, 4x100, 16x7, +35 offset)
Wrapped in Toyo FZ4. 205/45 ZR 16 87w ( about 85% )
- Advan center caps (low version)
- Project kics 10mm spacers in rear
- 3mm universal spacers in the front
- Rays gun metallic lug nuts
- Tokico blue hp shocks (40k on them)
- Skunk 2 coilover sleeves (30k on them)
- Skunk 2 adjustable front camber kits (5k on them)
- Skunk 2 rear strut bar w/ custom brackets to wrap around sub box
- Password JDM 3 point front strut tower bar
- Password JDM rear trunk brace
- ITR 23mm rear sway w/ D brackets and bushing
(Currently not installed because I'm replacing the D Brackets and Bushings to Brand new ones when I get the time)
- ASR subframe (Silver)
- Blox adjustable end links
- Blox lower control arms (Polished)
- Beaks lower tie bar (Hand polished w/ new sticker)
- Custom mounted C pillar bar
- Custom rear trunk wall brace

- Color- OEM Desert Metallic Mist
- Full JDM type r front conversion w/ DB8 Sir-g vin badge
JDM Type R hood, fenders, front bumper, radiator support, non-hid black housing headlights, bumper support, bumper grill, bumper reinforcement bar, and an additional custom bumper reinforcement bar! (Extra safely!!)
-Whole jdm front, driver door, front passenger door, side skirts, roof, and trunk has been repainted on 8.6.08.- Rear bumper repainted on 8.8.09
- JDM clear Stanley side markers (PIAA yellow bulbs)
- JDM Sir-G front H emblem
- JDM Sir-G rear H emblem
- JDM Sir-G rear Honda badge
- JDM DB8 window visors
- JDM tilting license plate bracket
- USDM 98-01 DB outer taillights
- Xenon 8000K HID
- Philips crystal vision ultra white high beam bulbs
- White LED city lights and license plate lights (5 LEDs on one bulb)
- Double filament (socket and bulb) turn signals with yellow bulbs
- Black Benen rear tow hook w/ custom mounting bracket
- Custom DB rear roof spoiler!! (Made by Ricky. Painted black)
- Dupli-Color rubberized undercoat (front and rear)
- Front and Rear fender rolled
- Tint 25% in rear, 35% on sides
- Window wipers delete
- Brake calipers painted Black

- DB8 black leather interior swap (9/10)
- Carbon fiber passenger airbag delete tray
- Personal steering wheel (Black with black stitching)
- Momo hub
- Nrg short quick release (Black)
- SRS bypass; No SRS light!
- Broadway mirror
- Full LED interior -
- White LED; dome light, glove department light, and map lights
- Blue LED; cluster w/ clear needles, climate control, shifter lights, and trunk light
- JDM ITR foglight switch (cruise control/ circle one)
- JDM ITR foglight swtch (rectangle/ rear fog one) (installed but not wired)
- JDM clock delete plate
- Razo shift knob (Black)
- Razo pedals (Silver)
- Razo foot rest pedal (Silver)
- Focal 210ca1 front speakers
- Focal 570ca1 rear deck speakers
- Exonic Ample Audio A 242X 1100 amp
- Two 10inch Woofer
- Alpine headunit
- Custom rear view mirror cover, Mugen style (also made my Ricky! Painted exterior color)
- Minimum Dynamated interior, doors, rear deck and trunk
- Kill switches
- Alarm system

- All four rotors (100k)
- Radiator and radiator tubes (at 130k)
- OEM brake master cylinder (at 90k)
-OEM steering pump (at 90k)
- OEM distributor cap/ rotors (at 110k)
- OEM NGK ignition wires (at 110k)
- OEM antenna mast (09; last year)
- OEM axle/CV boot (both sides at 135k)
- OEM distributor (at 120k)
- OEM fuel filter (at 140k)
- Transmission flush (last done at 140k)
- Valve adjustment (last done at 130k)
- Alignment (last done around Feb)
- Very clean/ mint for its year. (washed weekly)
- Runs strong, and very reliable.
- ABS,PS,AC all working, never removed
- Oil change regularly
- Spare tire still fresh. includes all tools and original jack
- Don’t see much desert metallic mist DBs w/ JDM front!

I have a bunch of OEM parts that I will also Include
etc, OEM Intake/Air filter,Steering wheel w/ Airbag (Black), Dash Airbag (Black), suspension, etc
Also Included but not Installed
- AEM cold air intake (Chrome) w/ dryflow AEM filter (last cleaned at 140k)

It's in the shop right now for maintence and I wanted to get everything checked before I let the next owner take it.
so I'll get New pics of it when I get some time to go over there.
Currently moving to a smaller studio apartment (being broke sucks) and with no car, it's quite difficult for me to get there lol
Be patient on the pics please.

hm, Not sure what price to put up yet. My reciepts/invoices are all lost inside a bunch of boxes that I have to go through.
so for now
$18,000 O.B.O

I know it's hard to tell what it's worth without pics or in person observation but please try not to flame.
instead let me know what would be a better price. again I have no idea of how much exactly is put into this till I look and re-calculate all of the invoices.

The pics were taken about 6 months ago,
I'll get most recent pics up very soon

Before Thermal Black coating

After Thermal Black Coating

The Yamaha Rhino in the back is not included
The SC RR SUV in the back is not included
The BMW M3 in the back is not included
The BasketBall Rim in the back is not included
but that empty box in the garage may be included

Some Bumps will be appreciated :)
Not sure what others think but I find this car to be quite sexy

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I think that this is a cleanly done Integra, definitely, but your asking price is definitely on the high side. I'm not at all trying to flame but, when building a car, one probably won't be able to rub together two quarters from each dollar invested. I certainly wish you luck selling your DB though! It's just that, well, in this economy, things are real cheap nowadays. People are getting lucky and pulling decent ITR's for under $10k so it would make it real hard to justify $18k on an auto 4-door, no matter what all has been thrown at it. Just my $0.03, accounting for inflation.

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First: There are no "testing waters" here on TI, either it is for sale or it isn't.

I've seen cars with just as many mods if not more, go for half of what you're asking for this car. With that in mind, I am VERY curious to see exactly what kind of numbers you put down with that turbo setup and the level10 transmission. A better price would be 10k obo and you'd be very lucky to get that.

Some dyno sheets could also help your cause quite a bit.

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Price is a little high... I've seen really nice GSR turbos making around 300whp go for less than 10,000 on here. Car looks amazing from the few pictures though. GLWTS

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Very very clean teg. I will say the price is a tad steep. I'd go for for around 11k max only because there are two engines involved. Definately need pics for verification of mods.

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ah thanks for all the inputs.
tlangy on Nov/29/10 said:
First: There are no "testing waters" here on TI, either it is for sale or it isn't.

I've seen cars with just as many mods if not more, go for half of what you're asking for this car. With that in mind, I am VERY curious to see exactly what kind of numbers you put down with that turbo setup and the level10 transmission. A better price would be 10k obo and you'd be very lucky to get that.

Some dyno sheets could also help your cause quite a bit.

Yeah, I not testing waters then. I was also curious what sort of numbers it'd hit with the built motor
and need to find the documents from dyno the current motor

Quote: basketballrox10 on Nov/29/10 Price is a little high... I've seen really nice GSR turbos making around 300whp go for less than 10,000 on here. Car looks amazing from the few pictures though. GLWTS
Yeah I'm lowering the price once I see how much I've put into it, then take 40% off.
Will get current pics of the engine bay and etc up shortly, maybe this weekend.
nothing really under the hood is over 4 months old, tranny is not even a month old yet lol
if I can only get less than 10k for it, I might as well struggle a bit longer and keep it for few more years and use up my moneys worth.

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Good luck with sale. If you do find the dyno graph post it up so others can see what the tune is like since thats a very essential part of a turbocharged car. 18k is way up there...I would put the value of your car around half of that depending on how clean the paint/interior/engine bay are. Just my .02, if you really want to make that much back you might consider parting out the nonessentials so you can lower the cost of the car. You should look into putting the interior back to all OEM parts, selling engine # 2, ditching some of the extra suspension goodies, and maybe even getting some cheaper rims.

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yea it always sucks when you put so much into a car and end up having to sell it for less than every dime you spent lol
but good luck lol (experience from sellin my dads accord :)


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If you can, I would put up as many detailed pictures as you possibly can. You've clearly put a lot of hard work and money into that car, and it has some really nice parts in it, so show them off! I can tell you, nobody will spend near that kind of money on a 96 Integra without first knowing what it looks like inside and out.

With respect to the price, like Sayed mentioned I can understand how much it stinks putting so much money and effort into the car and having to get rid of it for so much less than what you spent, but these cars just don't hold value like that, no matter how nice the parts are. You unfortunately can't base the car's price on the value of the car itself plus the receipts you have for it. If that was the case, I could sell my car for only a bit less than your listed price (check my thread for mods list...). I hate to say it, but $18k will get you a pretty decent E46 M3
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