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Hey, check this out! I thought this was just stupid,
and just someone playin' a joke, but it actually worked!

QUESTIoN: Is there a way to extend the range of my alarm and remote?
ANSWER: There is a way, laugh if you will,
but if you hold the remote to your chin,
you can have gains of up to 250ft., your body carries a
natural RF or RH signal, can't remember which, but anywho, it works.

I'm about to buy a dei alarm, so I was testing my friend's
first. I unlocked the doors from a distance. Worked
fine. Moved back a little farther, still worked fine.
Then I moved back even more, and it wouldn't respond.
(Not sure how far, but there were a lot of wires and
stuff around, so that probably affected it). So, I tried
putting the remote under my chin like this said, and
hit the button, and it worked! To test it even more,
I moved back like 10 more steps...tried it normally
and it didn't work. Then tried it again with this method,
and it worked. It's so funny. You look like an idiot,
but it actually works! (I feel like I'm selling something)

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your chin acts as a singal amplifier...imagine what jey leno could do!!! my friend at work taught me look lame doign it..but its cool, by the time i walk to my auto locks itself, but its fun to set off oyur alarm! lol

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Would you like an ultra detailed reason why it works?
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