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Exhaust Noise?

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Before I explain, I would like to say, that I did a search, and there were no resolutions towards the problems, and mine is different.

Well here it is, I used to have the normal heatshield rattle on my car since i owned it, that rattles when u let go of the gas/acceleration and it rattles between 3000rpm 3500rpm.

But the thing is, now that noise all of a sudden has left, and now when I accelerate at over half maybe 70% where the pedal is, i get a small rasping noise, it sounds like its comming from under the passenger floor, so I believe its the exhaust. It sounds like a rasping, or a ricer exhaust, its not loud but is noticable from inside the car, when acceleration. Has anyone had this problem, or any ideas?

Thanks In advanced.

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I had a similar problem yes. It was making a rattling noise at low RPM's so I took it to the shop and they said my catalytic converter was loose, so they put a clamp on it. Im gonna have to soon buy a new one since its rusty and stuff.

Go to the shop and get it checked out!
its not your heatsheild or cat converter, its the piping of your stock header that connects into the exhaust, u may have a crack in the pipe. if it is your cat then the sound would be like aluminum sheets clanging together, if its a rasp or snarl its a crack in ur headers.
sh*t, i thought so. Half a month ago i ran into a big snow boulder and it sounded nasty, And i seen water dripping from that area, so I think that may be the problem.

Thanks for the info guys, anyone else with ideas?
now when i de accelerate at 2500 to 2000 rpms i get a metal clashing sound!!!!! should i just replace the header?
do you have a resonator?
Im not sure I have a stock exhaust sytem.
f**k now the piece that connects to the header the more thicker piece fell off wtf do i do now!!!!!!!!
the cat?
I recently replaced my exhaust with a custom cat back system. I was getting a rattle at low rpm, 2-3k. I got under the car and noticed that there was bolt that connected the cat to the body of a car (might be some sort of ground connection). It had come loose with the extra vibration so I just got it welded in place.
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