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Hi I’ve recently got caught racing (the story is under racing “I got caught”) so I need money to pay for tickets, plus after my tickets I realize the only way for me to stop racing is by getting rid of everything so everything must go! All the below parts comes from my 1997 4dr integra LS, Non V-tec

Parts I have
1.DC sports headers 4-2-1 2pc its street legal, I need to trade for a stock LS headers plus cash (for the headers u must be in the san Fernando valley or willing to come to SFV)
2.Weapon R dragon short ram intake $50
3.Indiglo gauges (if u are willing to come to SFV) I will installed it for FREE! $50
4.Eibach 1.7 drop springs I have it on my stock struts right now if u want springs only $100 w/ shocks $150
5.Type R wing w/ LED its painted citrice Silver Give me an offer (be serious)
6.4 pc alttizas its Halo, will only fit 4dR only, $100

I think the prices are very very reasonable (I m selling at not even 1/3 of the original price), so guys if u are interested and lives in the SFV area u’re welcome to check the parts out. Besides the DC headers I will sell all my other parts any where in the U.S. I don’t have pics right now but I will buy a Digital camera soon.
Paypal, money order, cash, are all accepted. Email me for more detail or questions at [email protected] or Aim me “Swift AzN”

Ps I do have more parts, so if u buys a lot from me I will throw in clear corners, tie bar, and strut bar.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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