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I have a RHD 1994 Integra with a B18C1. Engine getting tired. I have a rebuilt B18C that I would like to install. Need advice on what issues I will need to address for this swap. Thanks in advance.

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happy reading must read the whole thing..... do not do selective reading... hope this helps....

NON- recommended swaps:

b16 SiR/ B18A/ ZC/ d16a6/d16a8/d16a9/b20a/b21a//b18c1/b18c5/b18b1/h22a/f20/f22a/all C-series into a 2001+ civic/rsx

b16 SiR/EW4/B18A/ ZC/ d16a6/d16a8/d16a9/b20a/b21a/all k-series/ all c-series/ into 92-00 Civic

b16a2/ b16a3/ b16a SiR II/b20b/b20z/b21a/b20a/b18c1/b18c5/b18b1/h22a/f20/f22a/ all C-series/all K-series/ into 91 or older civic

preludes/accords, stick to the F and H series.

Anything can fit in any car with a hacksaw and all kinds of money... but to keep it simple, try your best to stick to the above. It will save you wiring problems and will most likely be cheaper than trying to, for example, stick a b16a SiR1 into an EG chassis vs. just buying the SiR2 in the first place.

I'm sure i missed a few oddities in the list above... but basically, it all comes down to OBD.

Don't know what obd is? read up on it in our articles section.

The easiest swaps are more than what fits- it's what wires up properly. To wire up properly and easily, you need to stay in your obd generation. Yes, there are conversion harnesses, and it is possible, but there aren't harnesses for everything, and it is NOT recommended to make your own unless you know what you are doing for the fear sake of technicalities, and chances are if you did know what you are doing, you wouldn't be reading this thread. On top of all this, there is the issues of cable and hydrophilic tranny's. The tranny needs to work with your car. Again, there are conversion kits- but same rule- its a hassle. Just buy the right one for your car, and its all set, and 99% of the time cheaper to do so.

if you have a 92-95 civic:
easiest swaps- b16 SiR2, 94-95 b18-b/c/c1/c5, b16a3
harder swaps- b16a2, 96-01 b18-b/c/c1/c5
difficult swaps- b16a Sir1, b18a, h22, f22

if you have a 96-98 civic:
easiest swaps- 96-98 b18c/c1/c5/b
hard swaps- 99-00 b16a2, 99-00 h22, f22, b16 sir1, b18a

as you can see, its all about obd 1, obd2a, obd2b and obd0. find out what you got, and try to stick to it as best you can.
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