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Engine oil leak, any idea from where?

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Hello, my 1996 Integra LS has has an oil leak thing going on for a while now. I brought it to the shop my friends and I always go to, and they thought it was the oil pan gasket because it was really wet around that area and dripping from there but after getting it replaced with a new one that doesn’t seem to be the case. These are the best pictures I can provide as of recent, any idea where it could be coming from?

The car has 128,436 current miles, I got it around 123,843 miles.

I have a new Air intake and exhaust but the oil leak was happening since I got the car a few months ago. No other mods currently applied.
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Could be the oil pressure sending unit. How much oil are you leaking? And if the fluid on the bottom of the exhuast pipe from the leak as well because I'm at a loss for that?
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