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Eibach Sportlines, LS Valve Cover

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Eibach Sportline springs used, but in great condition. For a civic, but will work on integra as well. 1.8" drop f-r. $95 obo + shipping

LS valve cover. I spent about $100 getting this thing powdercoated and cut for cam gears. I have never put it on. $75 obo + shipping

EMAIL ME @ [email protected] or call 302-377-9353. Come pick em up if you are close! (Delaware)
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do you still have this valve cover? if so what year is it from?
Man you got ripped on the powder coating job. sorry to say.
I have a powdercoating shop in ontario Canada and I would have only charged you $60 for that. thats CAD too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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