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Feel free to make offers. Pickup will get better deals than these.
Check the bottm for what I am looking for (hopwfully in DFW)
If you have AIM its way better than HT's IM so IM: votemumia
I am in Ft Worth, TX 76120

OEM itr springs (.51f, .51r)- 20k mi - $110 OBO + shipping

EIbach Pro Kit- (1.3f, 1.3r) 5k mi (brand new condition, could be sold as new at a store)- $135 OBO + shipping

H&r sport for integra (1.75f, 1.5r) - $105 OBO + shipping

*NEW in box* 94+ all clear integra tails - $45 shipped

OEM gsr springs - 40k mi - any offer

Primary OEM radiator fan for integra - any offer

AC fan from radiator (blade does not spin) - any offer

Road Race Engineering rear strut bar for 95-99 DSM - best offer

OEM ls rear sway - 38k mi -any offer

OEM gsr shocks - 40k mi - PENDING for $45 pickup
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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