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Has anyone had any luck simulating a B18C5 engine using Dyno 2000 by Motion Software? The software only supports single profile camshafts so I guess you'd have to run 2 simulations, one with VTEC off, one with it on. Any help on the engine specs would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Twisted Squirrel

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You can find all the information about dyno 2000 Here

its just a simulation not a actual "hookup" to your car, if your lazy just read below

What The Dyno2000 Can Do:
Build And Test Any Domestic/Import Engine!
Instantly Switch Between US & Metric Units
Find The Best Parts For Street Or Racing Applications
Easy Component Selections, Just Point And Click
Optimized C-Code Gets Results FAST!
Iterative Testing™ Adds Incredible Power
Test Alternate Fuels And Nitrous-Oxide Injection
Auto-Scaling Power, Torque, Pressure Curves
Display And Print Components And Color Graphs
Test Any Carburetor/Injection
View And Print Engine Pressures, Efficiencies
Model And Compare Multiple Engines
Use Three Built-In Calculators (Cam, Compression, Airflow)
Use Easy "Workbook" Mode To Instantly Select Any Engine

Tune These Key Engine Components:
Bore And Stroke
Number Of Cylinders
Intake And Exhaust Valve Sizes
Port Design And Modification
Wedge, Canted, Hemi, And 4-Valve Heads
Enter Flow-Bench Data To Test ANY Head Design
Any Peak Induction Flow And Pressure Drop
Any Carburetor (multiple or single) or Injection
Turbo or Supercharger Maximum Pressures
Roots Belt Ratios, Intercooler Efficiency
Intake Manifold And Exhaust Systems
Compression Ratio From 6:1 to18:1
Various Fuels, Including Gasoline, Methanol, More
Nitrous-Oxide Flow Rates With Gasoline
Valve Event Timing And Valve Lift
Change Lobe Centerlines And Durations

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The specs I'm interested in are as follows...
bore (mm),stroke (mm)
Cam Timing Specs (@seat to seat)(or at .050-lift)
for both VTEC on and off:
Lobe center angle (cam degrees)
Intake duration (crank degrees)
Intake lift @ valve (mm)
Intake centerline (crank degrees)
Exhaust duration (crank degrees)
Exhaust lift @ valve (mm)
Intake and Exhaust valve diameters (mm)
Intake valve open (BTDC)
Exhaust valve open (BBDC)
Intake valve close (ABDC)
Exhaust valve close (ATDC)
Compression Ratio
Air Flow @ 1.5 in Hg
See diagram on page 35 of manual for the following:
Head chamber volume (cc)
Head gasket bore (mm)
Head gasket thickness (mm)
Piston down from TDC (mm)
Volume above piston (cc)

I recently dyno'd my car (and posted it on this site) so I'd like to compare, and to play around with the cam timing. Theoretically it could save a few bucks during tuning, but mostly it's just for fun.
Imperial units are ok too for my cousins to the south.
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