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Organized oldest to newest updates: (Need to update)

Motor swap plus OEM parts
Valve cover plus parts delivered
Front end installed
Rims and HID retrofit
Body work on the hatch begins
Body work complete! Plus ITR throttle cable swap
Door panels
Finally tires so I can mount the rims
New deck, mudflaps, and antenna delete
Tan to black swap
Carbon fiber vinyl on the interior
The NO BS Big Brake upgrade
Header/test pipe install
Koni/Ground Control installed
I hate thieves!!
New lugs/detail pics/VTEC solenoid gaskets
Plasti-Dipped rims
Tinted windows
LED reverse lights
Extended studs plus new wheel bearings
ASR subframe brace and sway bar
JDM ITR Recaros
Mishimoto radiator, fan and pipe kit
Bad news once again
New motor plans
Picked up new motor
Tune results
Intake, MTX-L, oil pressure gauge arrived
Remote oil pressure sender, gauges installed
New camera test pics
Dragon Run 2013
Dragon Run Pics
Catch can installed
Ugh! Low compression results
AC delete and weight reduction
Block needs rebuilt...time to build for turbo!
BWR ramhorn turbo manifold/down pipe/dump tube
Re-loom engine harness and remove sound deadening material
Painted tranny
Battery relocation
Painted head
Personal steering wheel/BWR catch can and other parts
Picked up assembled block and pics of old pistons
Motor assembled time to install
First start up video after rebuild
Replacing valve seals using the "Rope Trick"
Blaze yellow plasti dip rims
Turbo install begins!
Fuel pump rewiring guide and window weld torque mounts
Starter rebuild
First tune while boosted
Small photoshoot
Advanti Storm S1 and BFG Rivals mounted
Oil cooler install
Exterior battery kill switch
Tuned once again
ABS delete
Headlight duct and LSD
First set of slicks
Slicks and rims mounted

Current setup
-Turbo 98 JDM Type R B18C (427whp and 304tq)

Engine Setup
-82mm Wiseco 8.7:1 pistons
-Stock sleeves
-Precision 5531 turbo
-BWR ramhorn manifold
-Tial 38mm MV-S wastegate
-Tial Q 50mm BOV
-Victor x intake manifold ported to match TB
-Skunk2 70mm throttle body
-CTR cams
-Supertech flat faced valves,springs and retainers
-3in exhaust and downpipe, no cat, Vibrant muffler
-Innovate MTX-L wideband
-Hondata S300 V3
-RC 750cc Saturated
-Golden Eagle fuel rail
-Grams Performance 255 Fuel Pump
-92 Octane
-Omni 4 bar map sensor
-BWR catch can setup
-MFactory LSD

-ASR subframe brace
-Blox Pro Drag coilovers
-Energy suspension bushings
-Full Race traction bar

-M&H 24.5x8.5x15 slicks
-Advanti Storm S1 Rims 15x8 +25 offset
-BFG Rivals 205/50/15 tires

-Mini Cooper Stop Tech Slotted Rotors
-ITR Front Calipers with Stop Tech Pads
-Techna Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines

-Whitfield 10 point chromoly rollcage
-Kirkey pro drag racing seats
-G-Force 5 point harnesses
-Tan To Black Interior Swap
-Personal Grinta Black/Red Suede Steering Wheel
-ITR Shift Boot

-ITR Front Lip Replica
-OEM Honda Access Window Visors
-OEM ITR Rear Spoiler
-20% Window Tint
-Team CGP 2 Piece Rear Diffuser
-Team CGP moonroof delete plug

Original Post
So today I picked up a 96 GSR. Its got 151k on the motor. Motor runs pretty smooth.

The major issues that its got is:

  • the damage on the front drivers fender (seller gave me a replacement)
  • the brakes need to be replaced ASAP
I got the car for a decent price so I wasnt worried about the problems.

Other than the front corner of the car the rest of the body is pretty clean.

So tonight I bought new brake pads all around and new rotors for the front. I will be replacing them tomorrow. Should get rid of the constant squealing lol.

I also plan on washing and cleaning her a little bit too.

For now I plan on just fixing all the small things and cleaning up the body a bit. Definitely getting rid of the yellow high beams and front turn signals. I also plan on getting some new wheels and tires. Its currently on steelies and snow tires.

Here is a couple of quick pics I snapped on my phone. Ill post up some more tomorrow when I get a chance.


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hope you got that cheap because you got some work ahead of you, but good luck on your build bro
Yeah the price was pretty good for what it needs.

So today I stopped and had my step dad take a look at the damage to the front end. He said that it wasnt too bad. The biggest part would be welding the core support back on. I guess when it was damaged it just broke off so its just hanging on right now. He also said that I could also use a new bumper.

He took a look at the paint he had and found some paint from my old 97 GSR that was the exact same color. So we have all of the paint supplies needed just got to get the parts.

So instead of just getting another 94-97 I plan on upgrading to the 98+ front end. I would also like to get a type r lip and spoiler painted at the same time.

After that I went to the car wash and did some cleaning. You can tell it hadnt been washed in a while. The paint doesnt look too bad though pretty glossy just has alot of little scratches here and there. Should be able to touch up most of that when I get a chance.

Then I started doing the brakes. The fronts werent in too bad of shape but the backs were horrible. The back had deep gouges on the rotors where the squealer had dug a nice deep groove in them. Definitely glad that the brakes are out of the way. I ran out of daylight so I didnt get a chance to bleed the lines and replace the fluid but ill probably save that for next weekend.

I also noticed that there is a small oil leak. Looks like its at the oil pan gasket. When I replace that I will probably get a header too since it looks like its alot easier to remove it and I might as well replace it with a aftermarket one.


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Probably for now just fixing it up so it looks and drives decent. I dont really plan on doing much with it until I get a house with a garage. Right now I live in a apartment and I dont like the fact of putting too much money into a car thats just sitting out in the open.

Should be able to get a house within 6 months though :wink:

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So I decided to just stick with a 94-97 front end. 98's are hard to find plus they cost quite a bit more than what I would want to pay. I dont mind the 94, looks pretty good with a lip.

I picked up a extra bumper today with headlights for pretty cheap. I plan on doing a HID retrofit with the spare set of headlights later on.

Im also going back on forth about whether I want to get a type r spoiler or whether I should just go wingless. Any input?

When I get all my parts together im gonna get the side skirts painted too. Just makes everything cleaner.

I ordered my oil pan gasket off of and will be here next week. Also added a couple bolts, nuts and studs to the order in case anything goes wrong.

Also ordered a couple cans of VHT wrinkle red paint from Jegs to paint my valve cover. The PO painted the valve cover like a phillipino flag which doesnt work for a white guy like myself lol.

This weekend im doing emissions and transferring the title into my name so that will take care of that stuff. Maybe do some prep work on the bumper and fender if I get bored.

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So this weekend didnt go according to plan at all.

Friday went to take my emissions and discovered that the PO had pulled the bulb for the check engine light :icon_twisted:

Got my piece of paper saying that I failed due to there being CEL codes. Went home and checked the codes to find out which 3 codes I had. Turns out the codes were for a O2 sensor and a misfire on cylinders 3 and 4. Fixed the O2 sensor code by crawling under the car and just plugging it in lol. Still had the misfire codes so I decided to clear them and see if they came back.

Went on a drive to see if the codes would come back. Pulled over and popped the hood to listen and check some things (left the motor running), started noticing some steam coming from the back of the motor. Went to go shut the motor off and the CEL was flashing:eek: My temp gauge hasnt really been accurate since I bought the car and didnt show that it was overheating. Checked the radiator and noticed that the coolant was a little milky and that there wasnt as much pressure in the cooling system as there should be.

Looks like I am going to be installing a new head gasket:rolleyes:

Ill be ordering the head gasket, timing belt, water pump, and tensioner from Honda and should hopefully do the install next weekend. Ill also be upgrading to ARP head studs for a little piece of mind.

Tomorrow im gonna start prepping the bumper and fender for paint. Ill have to wait on ordering a lip and ITR spoiler till next payday since I get to spend that money on a head gasket. I cant wait till all the issues are fixed and I can start enjoying the car

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Did some prepping on the bumper and fender today. Took a couple quick pics but they are ready to prime. I also decided to shave the front license plate holes (not in pic) for a cleaner look.

I also went on a small shopping spree online lol. Heres what I bought:
*OEM thermostat
*OEM timing belt
*OEM tensioner
*OEM tensioner spring (not sure why this thing isnt included with the tensioner)
*OEM head gasket
*ARP head studs
*ITR replica spoiler
*ITR replica lip

Should hopefully get the parts late this week which is why I bought everything off ebay because I know that they had the parts in stock and ready to ship out. Most dealerships would probably have to special order the parts.

I plan on doing the head gasket this weekend as long as everything comes in time if not ill work more on prepping for paint.

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dam that car went through hell lol good to know its being rescued, I love projects like this good luck
Yeah it was in pretty rough shape. Hopefully I already found all the bad things. When I replaced the cap and rotor the rotor didnt even have the screw holding it in. There was also a couple marks on the inside of the cap where it looked like the rotor had came off and made contact with the cap.

Im pretty determined to turn this back into a clean reliable car that it once was.

Got some packages today

Got a free hat from Jegs with my order. I love free stuff :biggrin:
They had the cheapest cans of VHT wrinkle red at the time. Its hard to get small things like this for a low price online. Shipping and handling always kills you at the end.

Heres my ITR replica lip that I got off ebay. Seems like pretty good quality. It came with the hardware and it has brackets riveted on the bottom. Plus they dont fold the lips like most of the places do when they ship which leaves creases. It came in a perfectly sized box to fit. So far I am pretty happy with the seller. Well see how the fitment is when I get to the install. The seller I got it from is bestracingmotors and was only $45 shipped.

ARP head studs

OEM oil pan gasket. Also ordered a extra stud, some nuts and bolts just in case

OEM head gasket

Should be getting the rest of the stuff tomorrow. Im thinking I will start Friday night then hopefully finish Saturday afternoon. If everything goes well I should be driving the car Saturday night to watch the big fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans:cool:

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Thanks for the link Tim! Definitely looks like the same type of brackets and stuff that my lip has.

I also looked at a delivery confirmation for my lip from yesterday and this is what it says

So it appears that the ebay user Bayson that everyone was saying had great fitting front lips is now bestracingmotors. I was looking for Bayson on ebay but couldnt find anything. So for anyone who is looking for a Bayson lip order it from bestracingmotors.

Alright so today I got a couple more things in the mail today. First thing is

Got this for $85 shipped on the site. They sell on ebay but I found out that if you get it off there website it will save you like $5 plus they had a promo code for something so I got 5% off.

Overall the spoiler looks alright, a lot lighter than I expected but well see how it holds up. Also noticed that there is something loose inside like a piece of plastic or something. Probably wont notice once it gets mounted though so im not worried.

Next up is:

My OEM timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and tensioner.
The only thing that I am missing now is the tensioner spring which will be here tomorrow just in time for the big day.

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Is the ITR spoiler a replica? Looks weird but could be the pic. The lip is pretty straightforward and that thread covers everything very well my installation is on the second to last page. That's a good deal on the spoiler my four door legit ITR spoiler from Japan ran me $170 shipped. Your car is gonna look great. I fell in love with integra just because of how clean the ITR pieces improved the looks of the car. That's why I went with all ITR exterior pieces do far. Keep the updates coming :)

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Its just a replica ITR spoiler. Guess I forgot to add that in the last post.

Yeah all of the ITR parts are a perfect mix of a clean yet aggressive look which is what I am after. Im also getting my side skirts painted which will add to the clean look.

Another thing that I am looking into doing after a while is replacing my exhaust. I think the previous owner said it was a hyper medallion but I havent really checked. I am looking in to replacing the whole cat back with new piping as well as a stockish muffler. Im not really into loud exhaust but prefer a slightly louder than stock sound. Kind of looking towards maybe a ITR or a type S muffler. Any ideas on a good setup?

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If that exhaust is a Hyper Medallion it probably won't be too loud as long as you have a cat. If you don't have a cat then get one on there to see how loud it would normally be. Then you might not have to get a whole new exhaust, the Medallion is a good exhaust and its 2.5 inch piping, which is good.

I like this build though, lots of OEM parts, woot!

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i have the type s catback on my 97 gs, and it sounds good. It's a bit louder than stock set ups i've heard, but not by much. It has a low tone, and you can really hear it at low RPMs. Once you get to around 3000 rpm, it gets cut out by the engine. I do have greddy headers, but I don't think that would make much of a difference in sound.

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Just got in from the start of the head gasket and MAN is that intake manifold a pain to get out! It seems like I got everything out and disconnected and cant figure out what else is holding it up from coming out. I think I should have enough room to pull the head then that should give me enough room to mess with the IM some more. Ill be starting again tomorrow morning hopefully it will be a little faster
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