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GrafxDesignGuy on Oct/20/04 said:
I did DRLs to my car last month. Was going to do a write up on it but its so simple that dont need to. Here is how I did it.

Get this:

Or if you can find it. The Pacific Insight version. I got the pacific Insight version on ebay by chance... cant seem to find it anymore.

Anyhow, as long as the DRL module says it reduces intensity, then you pretty much got the right part. It might say it connects to your headlights and doesnt mention your highbeams but it dont matter both your headlight and highbeams work on a positive switch.

You will also need to pair of the lowest rated 9006 yellow bulb you can find. I used a 2500 kelvin from Hella. look around ebay you should be able to find something.

The bulbs will go into your high beam housing so some modification either to the harness or the bulb will be nessesary. You pick. Look up 9006-9005 conversion on IT and you should get how to do it, you'll need a Dremel either way.

Follow the directions from the DRL module just ignore the fact they keep mentioning lowbeams. The wire you'll be needing is located under the hood on the driverside, its the only one leading to the headlights so if you can't find it. STOP here and put everything away and dont bother.... Pay me to do it for you. HEHE. cut the casing away and get to the RED/GREEN stripe wire. (2000 LS) DO NOT CUT!!!! use one of them blue splicer thingys and connect the wire on the module that puts out the decreased wattage. There is one wire you'll also need to connect to the headlight trigger also so that it'll turn off when you turn your headlights on. Or you can be like me and put a switch on it. but then you might end up being like me and want to hook it up to the headlight wire cause its a bother to have switch it on/off.

The other wires are just batter and ground.

I'm writing a How to on this for so it'll be posted with photos and detailed instructions later Good luck to all. Its pretty simple... takes about an hour and a half to do taking your time including modding the bulbs so the harness fits.
I'm having problem installing the DRL modual.

YELLOW high beam bulb

according to their instruction this his how i should wire it up.

*Wiring diagram for POSITIVE headlamps
RED w/fuse holderpower +12 volts
BLUEIgnition SENSE wire
WHITE low beam headlight SENSE
ORANGEHigh beam healight output
WHITE/RED Not used

*Wiring diagram for NEGATIVE headlamps
RED w/fuse holderhigh beam healight output
BLUE ignition SENSE wire
WHITENot used
WHITE/REDlow beam healight SENSE

my question are
1) is our headlights NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE?
2) are these diagram correct?
3) where do i connect the wire when it say "low beam headlight SENSE"?

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1)the headlights are NEGATIVE
2)yes the diagram are correct
3)in the driver fuse box
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