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i did mine in my driveway with normal tools.. :)
been boosting from for 1.5 years now :)

the install itself is actually easy just time consuming
you will need a exhaust manifold gasket ( i used a mr.Gasket copper one) also some tiewraps, silicon vacume hose.

I did the install myself but let a muffler shop make me a mandel bent 2.5" exhaust and they also routed the dump tube (from the wastegate ) back into the exhaust before the cat!

problems I had with the installation!
-the upper center bolt on the drag manifold is a biatch!!!
-1 i/c pipe were 1/4 " to long a 3 minute fix!!
-the windsheild washer resevoire has to be removed or modified to fit!as my i/c piping goes there.. ( not sure if the canadian models have a larger resevoire ( but I used a heat gun to soften the plastic and fold the middle of the resevoireto make it shorter! and a bit of silicon caulking :)

-use lock washer on all bolts!!! they can come loose from vibration and heat!
-the housing for the electic fan for the motor will need to be trimmed ( I used dremel and side cutters)
-my fuel pump is tied down to the insulated A/C lines using 2 hose clamps

-don't cheap out on parts.. get the proper plugs use synthetic, do a basic tune up,get a good wastegate the delta gate are prone to creep!!! get good gas! you just forked out large $$ on your turbo kit no need putting crap parts on now, you don't wana have problem because you tried to save a few bucks!!!
-your car will be fast there will be no need to prove it at every light!

-best advice.... have fun and enjoy :)

if you need any help let me know I have a llink to a good site that will help your install I based mine on this site :)
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