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downpipe length verification

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I am fabbing a turbo kit for my cous' 97 ls. is the length and location of the downpipe the same as 2000 gsr's?

Can someone verify this?
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If you are using the same manifold and turbo setup. I dont see why not. But I do think that the 2000-2001 gsr's have different lengths. I guess you can always measure to make sure.
TurboLSVtecTeg on Feb/08/04 said:
the location is the same, however the dp will fit the same from one manifold/turbo to another.
if you are going to run a downpipe/testpipe in one, such as put a section of flex pipe on the end of the downpipe were the cat would normaly be. in that case it will all be the same
No what im saying is if you go from a rev hard cast manifold to a full race manifold. They position the turbo at different places. So you would need a new/different dp to match everything up.
thanks for the response.

let me clear up what i am asking.

is 2000/2001 gsr header the same as 1994-1997 ls?

if it is, i will be able to use my 2k gsr to make his downpipe.
gsr has a shorter header
so this is not true?

I was hoping I can use my car to make his present...
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it shouldn't really matter. if it is too short all you need to do is weld a piece of piping on to lengthen it. I would make it off of your dp assuming it is the same manifold and turbo, and if it is too short you can lengthen it easy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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