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i have a 95 integra b18b
Set up for my turbo
Ross pistons
Eagle connecting rods
T25 turbo (DSM 2nd gen. turbo)
DSM side mount intercooler
equal length manifold
south bend DXD clutch
Fidanza flywheel
Boost gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Greddy type s BOV
ARP head studs.
MSD wires
MSD cap
MSD Blaster SS Coil
Port and polish head and re-seat the valves

For Fuel
Vafc (just not hooking up the vtec part of it)
DSM fuel injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump

Do I need a box for the injectors, and do I need the missing link for my set up.
If you think I am missing anything for this set up please let me know. Thanks for the help.

i want to run 10-14psi if i can on this set up

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the hack = sh*tty EMS. Expecially if you wanna run that much boost. Since your car is an OBD-I, you can get a chip or Hondata. The DSM's need either inline resistors, or a resistor box for your car, and use different clips. The hack doesn't need a missing link/check valves, only FMU's i believe.

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Nothin wrong with going with the small turbo. It will work fine. Besides, you gotta start somewhere, right ?

Street King's makes a good point...hack is not optimal EMS. Although, myself will be using it shortly. But, you will not be able to boost over 10 psi with the hack. Stock MAP sensor and that AFC can only do soo much.

As for the injectors, didn't MD have a thread up here on them about not performing well ? Or something along those lines...I don't recall exactly.

Why are you going to PnP the head and not get a tubular manifold to help that flow ? And what size exhaust for that ? Just that head alone will not use its full potential.
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