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Don't go to Golf Mill Mall

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Yeah, I never go there but I need some new glasses to drive at night. So I go in and park the Teg near the front. I check out some glasses, only there about 20 minutes. I walk out and my car is covered with EGGS! Phucin little sheets! Teg's beware, don't even think of parking at Golf Mill. They have security driving around and they didn't see anything.
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****ing ***** ass ****. i Litterally have to go there in about 20 mins.!
i got egged in woodfield mall a few years ago...
you know what we should do...

Get a bait car, walk inside but wait near the door and watch for those phuckers to come out. Run out and beat some ass.
We should totally do that to every teg-attack location lol. That should teach them to respect integras.
HYPROPULSIoN_R on Oct/09/07 said:
you know what we should do...

Get a bait car, walk inside but wait near the door and watch for those phuckers to come out. Run out and beat some ass.
Haha...I like it! The only thing is I don't want another murder charge on my record. I wouldn't know when to stop. Haha
ANOTHER? Note to self...don't piss off jae_rex
yeah some sons of biiiotches got was cold a hell out and the eggs damn near froze on the car...i tried to wash id off at a carwash, but ended up taking it to the woodfield acura and begged them to help me...
i got a plate number, i saw a car scoutting out my R before they did it.
wow. that is some ****.
who eggs cars?
... ex-girlfriends.
What area or where is this happening? I am gonna avoid going to those places with the integra.
milwaukee and golf road. niles, il
cant avoid haters! they are EVERYWHERE!
i dont drive the R any where....unless its going to be close to me...close enough to keep my eye on it!
well it didn't happen to me when i had a teg, but i was studying at northpark university the other day, was there for about 2 hours. When i walked out i noticed that my S2 was covered in eggs. Seems as if they like to target imports. Anyways it took me a long time to get the egg off the soft top.
i still agree with the guy last page just beat the **** outta em and egg them to see how they like it. bastards
Hey, my neighbor in niles had his teg egged on halloween, but guess what, he was in his heavy tinted car, he got out and caught 2 of the 6 ****ers and had the cops pick them up. Later that night, he went to 7-11 to pick up some brews and ran into the other 4 buying some more eggs.....cops picked them up too.
I dont know if these kids had anything to do with the eggs at golf mill, but i know they hit cars around my block before with eggs and several times with paintballs.
I will be meeting them personally very soon as they come by to clean the egg on the bricks of my neighbors house.
Hmmm...interesting. Maybe we can have a Team-Integra beating, oops I mean meeting at your house when they come by your neighbors.
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