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Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted anything or really done anything in the forums.
I really need help with my teggy.
she's a two door hatchback with the B18A1 backed by the Automatic transmission.

spare parts i'm looking for includes:
full wiring harness (new or used, but please work)
ecu (oem or aftermarket)
black dashboard (or cover)
air conditioner/ heater knob
a/c condenser
5 or 6 point harness
these are far stretches down below, but hopefully can be obtained.

Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Hatch
16in wheels and tires
Exhaust header
Full set of coilovers
Brake disks (slotted and drilled, or one or the other)
New Driver and Passenger Seat
Steering wheel
Black Carpet

or if there's anything else you could spare, i'd greatly appreciate it.

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Letting the forum know what "spare parts" you're looking for, could prove to be helpful for other members.
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