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Does anybody have an ATF cooler?

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I've been doing some research on here, found a lot of info on oil coolers but none really on ATF coolers.

B&M racing
and ect...

From an oil cooler thread:

anyways... does anybody have one.

I'll give the reasons why i'm kinda looking into getting one. My car is pretty much stock but i drive it pretty hard. I sometimes go 3-4 hrs non-stop, hauling hundreds of lbs of stuff, and if i have a longer trip, i'll fill up and keep going. The car is constantly downshifting to pass cars and upshifting over and over and over.

And i also would like to go to the drag strip everyonce in a while without feeling as guilty about shortening the life of the auto drastically. It's gotta last me a long time ya know?

When i'm at the light, i'll brake torque (hold the brakes down and rev up to 2.3k or whatever and hold it there till i launch) That goes on for about... 4-5 sec at the most. as many runs i can get though (12+ in a night)

I know that really heats up the fluid.

Where would i mount one of these? What size would be good? I assume i need a fan because the drag strip it's like 16 sec runs, then go back to the line and wait for my turn again. Are there any negatives i'm overlooking? How does the fluid circulate, is there gonna be a pumping loss, if at all compared to a oil cooler?

Thanks in advance!
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most times I heard, most mount it in front of the top of the radiator. that's about it the way I heard it mounted.. you should also generally install it in-line with the stock one..

however, is this necessary hp? I mean with our crappy weather, shouldn't you want to reconsider? It can get really cold out-of-nowhere during the winterous season (= its optimal use may be hindered if operating temps aren't even reached

These usually mount in front of the rad or AC condenser. Your stock rad is equipped with an ATF cooler built in.

I don't see any negatives with getting one of these, aside from the actual mounting and routing of the hoses. Pumping losses would be minimal since this would install after the ATF has gone through the rad, so you would go from the return line out of the rad into the isolated cooler and back into the return line to the tranny.

Another benefit is that you would gain some fluid capacity which would reduce heat and prolong the fluid's life.

I've used these before in my domestic days and know guys who run them on their street/strip cars without incident.

You wouldn't need a dedicated fan for this. Just mount it so it is behind the grille opening like an intercooler!
yah, i saw the stock one from Z's radiator install article.

I don't know how good of a job it does though. I saw one guy on yahoo with a lincoln mount his on his radiator support in front of his radiator and he bypassed his stock one.

tiger raises a good point about reaching normal operating tempertures, although we are experiencing freakishly cold weather in texas (40 degrees!), it gets over 100 in the summer.

The fan units are more expensive than i thought and problaby overkill anyways.

Does this really increase the life of the fluid and tranmission enough so i should get it? I don't know of anywhere that has numbers like that, especially on the honda boards because not many sup up autos. I might do some investigating over at some factory turbocharged car forums (those that have auto as an option). (eclipse, supra, even the domestics)
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Unless you really really put some good amount of load on it, you realy don't need one. Car's that do a lot of hauling trailers and such are equipped with OEM coolers aside from the radiator. The Honda Oddyssey is one that comes to mind right away.
my Yukon and Chevy cheyenne also have ATC's

just make sure you mount it with the tranny fluid going downhill through it, rather than up, uphill builds a lot of pressure and resulted in a blown hose for me
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