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I never liked Skunk2's method of install using the stopper nut at the bottom - it looks bad, it prevents the knob from being fully lowered onto the shifter, and it makes the boot look bad, because of the 'gap' it creates. For whatever random reason, when I bought it and installed it on my OEM shifter, it tightened up and lined up perfectly even - I never needed the nut, and was SOO glad.

But, I recently installed a Skunk2 dual bend short shifter (Because my clutch died. Naturally.)- and to my dismay, it didn't line up. So I poked around in the basement, and found the box, and took the nut out to the car. But I couldn't bring myself to even give it a try. I went back into the basement, and out into the garage, and thought about it.

I don't remember what company it is (was?), but I thought about some advertising I had read a while back - how they used a 'proprietary rubber' insert, so that as the knob was turned, it would gradually tighten and allow you to 'set' the face level, instead of just bottoming out on the shaft or threads.

So, and I'll apologize now if you were expecting something glamorous, I grabbed an old, abondoned bit of coolant hose, and started cutting. Just little tiny squares, big enough to hold in place in the threads, but not such a tight fit as to make removal (if required) impossible. Using ~ 1/4" squares like this, I needed to stack a good six or eight in there (at 1/8" thick each) before I was able to get a good enough tightening at the bottom of travel - the knob bottoms out at it's lower threads on the shifter, not on the shifter's peak, apparenly, leaving a gap to be filled, and then more to add pressure.

So, um, I would have taken pics, but I'm freakin' cutting little squares of rubber with scissors - so uh, maybe you know what that would look like, or how to do it, on your own. I reckon. (God I hope.) LOL

To get them into the knob, I just put one or two on top of the shifter, and then tightened the knob onto them. Then cut more, and added them. Did it again. You're getting it, you don't need no steenkin' pics.

But, here's a little before/after comparison action of the knob installed in the car, w/ and w/o the short shifter. (See, I know you can't really live without pics... LOL)


(Excuse the drooping boot - fixed it with a zip tie.)


Stupid nut. Back in the box!
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