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Well, my winter beater/delivery g2 had been screaming for a muffler change for months, i couldn't stand the fart can anymore (is louder than an Apexi N1 @ 3000rpm!!!) but i don't want to spend 150$... sooo... i grab a metal sheet, 8$, at CanadianTire (some crappy store here in Canada)

Take out some left over JB Weld and here is the result! The hole was 2" x 6" long *cough cough*

Step1: Clean up the area around the hole
Step2: Spray some brake cleaner to clean it and dry it up
Step3: Cut a metal sheet to cover up the hole
Step4: Bend the sheet to have the best shape possible to fit over the hole
Step5: Take out your JB weld and mix them up, apply the mixture to the edge of the metal sheet
Step6: Snap the metal sheet onto the hole
Step7: Find a cardboard box of some sort and crush the middle section to have the oval shape and put it under the muffler
Step8: Slowly lower your jack and rest the car/muffler onto the cardboard box, leave it there for 15min
Step9: jack your car back up, mix some more JB weld, and have the mexture fill the edge of the metal sheet
Step10: leave it there for 15min or over night for it to harden, FINISH!

Cost: 10$
Time: < 2hr
Noise: Nada, until it breaks again, but by then i am gonna replace the goddamn muffler. :p LOL

PS: JB weld own!!!
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