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here is a little guide to rebuild your evap case someone need it, cost less than $ 20

why rebuild?

why not get one from a junk yard? activated carbon once used it wont work anymore, so the junkyard evap probably have the carbon saturated or close to be.

what are the symptoms or how you know your canister is bad? there are many symptoms that can lead to faulty evap canister, you can look in google for those, i will describe you my symptoms, i didn't pass emission test because high HC at idle, i tried sparkplugs, wires, vacuum leaks, nothing, then when i tried to fill up my tank the pump usually stop before its fills, sometimes 1/8 or even 1/4, sometimes car did not wanted to start after been using it for a while, it just crank, shut the key try again, and start up like nothing. i did try a junkyard canister from a 95 civic ( same shape and hose connections, but i does need some mod), and it did fix it, everything, i can fill up to the top, no more problems to starts it, it lasted 5 months (carbon saturated again, for sure) so i decide to fix my own.

lets start

take the evap canister from your car.


Cut around the bottom of the canister with a handsaw, dremel, or w/e you have, you will notice that the canister is 2 piece, at the bottom is where its glued once it got filled with carbon.


it should look like this


now you can remove the basket in the picture above, and don't make a mess like i did :mad:


empty all the carbon, and remove the last piece at the bottom



i did wash the white prefilter/carbon holder with purple power and let it dry, but also can replace it with green kitchen fiber


you can use any kind of activated carbon (but powder, i don't think i need to explain this, do i?)


Fill it, but remember you still need to put the basked that hold the carbon in place (look pic 3)


i used black RVT sealant/adhesive

let the sealant dry for 24rs and voila! it should work as new.


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