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I originally found this DIY DRLs years ago here on TI. I actually have not been around in years but got myself an ITR in March of this year and I still have my 95 GS RHD Converted when I first joined here. Also have 05 Type S. I tried searching for the article but could not find it. Luckily, I found the one I printed years ago to do this on my 95 Integra JDM Front. So just wanted to share this with everyone who wants some DRLs.

Did some DRLs on my ITR. If anybody is interested in doing so, here's what you need:
Relay (4 or 5 prong)
Female and Male connectors
Black 18g wires (or any color you like)

87A = Both positive wiring from the high beam
85 = Positive wiring from passenger side turn signal only (theres 3 wires, just have to see which one it is Forgot the color)
86 = Ground
30 = Ignition (Fuse Box. 98-01 is the far right slot)

Thats it. If you did it correctly, once the ignition is on, the high beam will turn on always. Once the parking light is on, the high beams will shut off and act normal again as a regular high beam if you do use it. I dont use my high beam so this works for me. Also did this to my RSX. Same concept except for the ignition. You going to have to tap it into the ignition wiring which is black and yellow I believe. Have fun!

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