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Finally the easy way is established. Don't have money to shell out for that ITR problem. This DIY somewhat follows the original way but modified for a much simplier process. Using vinyl you just stick it on, no need to remove original oem blue paint. The beauty of this is you get the itr glow w/o the itr price And also reverting back to stock is a breeze. So as i promised, here's the article:

*if mods can somehow move this to the DIY articles it would kick ass!

Tools needed:

*flathead screwdriver
*regular pencil
*glue(any type for plastic)

You don't have to remove your climate control for this, i just had a spare laying around so I did the article on it. But you don't have to remove the climate control itself. Now let's get started:

1)First you take the flat head and put it underneath the button. And with a thumbs up motion put you thumb directly on top of it. After that nudge out the button my pull out but moving side to side gently and that should pop it right out. After finishing one continue with the rest.

2)Second remove the two slider knobs by simply putting the flathead underneath them and pushing on the flathead to knock them. Out, this should come out with total ease.

3)Third, to me this is the hardest part but overall…not too hard. Use a razorblade and put it at the gap…or the line. You have to put it on the line, if you put it elsewhere it will scratch your climate control. *the gap is circled in red*

4)After fitting the razorblade into the gap, slide it across to the other side so you loosen the glue that is holding it in place. After that just gently push up the razor blade so it’ll lift one edge of the “numbers” . Put your finger underneath and slide it across gently and it should come right off.

Remove the strip

5)Now get your pencil and place it behind the face of the buttons and just push out the face

6)Next put the button on the piece of vinyl to measure out how much you need, just cut out the amount you need a apply.

7)Cut off any excess vinyl around the buttons so it’s a clean job.

8)Do the same to the strip

9)Put a VERY VERY SMALL dab of glue on these 2 corners to hold the face back in place, if you want to play it safe put glue on all 4 corners. I would recommend using a very very very small dab of super glue on just 2 corners. Leave the glue set for about 5 minutes.

10)Now finally reassemble. Just put the buttons back into place, push them in and you should hear a click of some sort, just put the “1 2 3 4 red/blue’ strip back, no glue necessary. And the put back the slider knobs.

Wait till night hits and bust out the amber!!!

Any questions just PM me. I also have the vinyl sheets for sale at 4 shipped for 2 pieces of 4x7 inches which is more then enough to amber your climate. Other colors can be obtained too, but it'll cost slightly more.

Stay tune so I can get an article for the rear defrost, clock, and cruise control.

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I kinda did the same setup but i just took out the climate control and colored the bulbs all red. now same effect and the little lights above the buttons are red also.. same with the hazard and the defrost and the cruise all red...
woot woot...

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great write up. nice result.

I did mine differently. i took the whole climate control appart. and drilled 2 holes in the back and put 2 amber 194 bulbs (same as in the cluster) and wired those up. lights up nice and bright like the cluster. cause i'm sure if you put the vinyl over the back of the buttom your light output will be a little dimmer.
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