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Difference In Mounting ITR Red A Emblem vs Red TL Emblem?

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Is the red A Acura emblem on the hatch door the same as far as mounting goes as an Acura TL rear emblem is ?

Mine off base model has 2 pegs that go through into the door not sure how a TL is designed.

ITR Emblem

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Font Symbol Emblem

TL Emblem Below

Fixture Font Auto part Magenta Temperature
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Acura TL Type S owner here. Being that I also own the genuine OEM Integra Type R emblem, I can tell you they are not the same.

In fact, don’t let the pictures fool you, the TL badge does not have a red backing nor has it ever had one. That’s just the film the double sided adhesive is attached to. Not only this but theTL’s back side is not flat but curved due to matching the curvature on the TL trunk. If you look at a picture of a TL trunk, you’ll see that curved body line at the emblem. Hope this helps.
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You were right the TL Emblem is total messed up not all possible to make it work on our cars.

The photo is decieving and i purcahsed one thinking I could make it work but even the diameter and like you say the backing is some cheap almost paper like material. Guess there's no substitute for real ITR rear emblem.
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