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Diagnosing leak

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What’s up everyone. I apparently have a gas leak. I can’t figure out why or where it’s coming from. I also have a similar wet spot where the middle bolt sits on top of the head. I’d like to know if anyone has had a similar issue and what needed to be changed 😔 or upgraded 😁
Any info is good info. Thank you
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Looks like an oil leak, and not fuel. Fuel would eventually evaporate.
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If I had to venture a guess, your aftermarket oil cap is seaping a bit of oil. The alternatives are less fun but not really detrimental to the life of the motor. If you've got so much blowby that you are overloading the PCV system, that sucks, but the engine will just keep on ticking.

Adding an edit ... that leaking cap would account for the fluid in all of your images.
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