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del sol d16z6 shift linkage in 97 gsr

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i'm putting a z6 in my teg to get it on the road. I dont really want to hear any crap about that swap. I got the motor in, but the shift linkage seems to long. Anyone got any ideas? does the linkage match the car or the tranny?

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matches the chassis i believe and the engine also has to do with it. cable or hydro trans are a lil diff placements and stuff
are you using the integra shift linkage or the SOHC shift linkage?
are both of the linkages too long? or just the one for the shifter?
they both seem to long, but I was able to connect the actual shifter to the tranny.
man dude if you would have told me u needed a motor i could have gotten you a 98 civic motor for you to drop it in for free.the guy just towed that damn car away.and no the motor wasn't flooded.
Get the Civic single cam Shift linkage. 92-95
Not the Del Sol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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