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Hello TI,

long time member-lurker,

I recently found a puddle on my passenger floorboard and assumed it was my sunroof drains (which we cleaned anyway) but found it instead to be my Cowl’s dry rotting foam liner. I found it difficult to find a new cowl and didn’t feel like buying a used one since mine wasn’t damaged physically, so I purchased the following:

  • Foam window liner with adhesive strip
  • Meguiars new hybrid ceramic trim coating
  • EFB motor sports Allen conversion clip replacement kit

unfortunately I have no images of installation, however it’s very straight forward and I will briefly recap:

to remove cowl, take off the top circular clips under the wipers, being very careful not to snap the heads off if you don’t plan on replacing them. Then remove the small T clips along the firewall side of the cowl. The cowl should then pop free, only requiring removing the tube that runs to the wiper fluid dispensers. I then used a razer and flathead to scrape the old gasket off, and cleaned with a degreaser. Then I lined the silhouette of the old gasket with my new window seal (see first image) and once dry applied a generous amount of trim dressing. Next, where the circular clips used to be I drilled out to be slightly wider to fit the inserts provided with the kit. They provide a washer/nut combo which is used to hand-compress the crush fitting into the slotted hole to ensure it won’t pop free once torqued. After repeating six times the cowl is ready to go back in in reverse order. Final image is after shot. Hope this is helpful.

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