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pnoygsr on Aug/10/02 said:
4-1 for hardcore driving,4-2-1 for everyday driving and drag racing!!!!!!
what???!!????if drag racing isn't "hard" what is then?
What is the basis for this statement?

Hardcore driving? Is that like hardcore porno?

There is far more involved in choosing a header than figuring out if you're hardcore or softcore! lol.
Final power goal, powerband length, powerband location, your budget (the most important -imo-), what you'll be using your car for (autoX, drag, etc.) all need to be decided on before you go run out and buy a DC header cause everyone has them or cause they won the SCC header test *rolls eyes*
You need to plan out your mods to make sure that they complement each other, rather than doing what alot of other people do and just go out and start buying parts as they get money with no real direction as to where their project is headed.

I would suggest reading Mike Delaney's header article on here, research similar posts (trust me there are tons) and educate yourself on why you're getting a particular header. Not just because some guy on the web recommended you get a 4-1 cause you define yourself as hardcore.

If you still have a particular question after that. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

I recommended that Vin Diesel go with the DC 4-1....he drives hardcore.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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