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Daytona Meet Pics and Vids

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i suppose ill start this one off..but not with pics just yet. i didnt take much pics..i left that for yall.
i got a good bit of video...over 20 minutes of it..ill edit it and do all that stuff within the next couple days...anyways, everyone post pics here, so we dont end up having over 100 pages on the other thread.
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Thats the 4 i took, my buddy took around 50 or so. lol i didnt have to take pics, too busy partying!
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i got an ass load but its gonna take a while...
hilarious, i'll post mine after i get them on the comp
Just got home.... it was great to meet alllll those people, i still cannot believe that in everyone, i had met one single person previously (and that was only last month)

gaddamn in that last pic by willis that flash was bright as f---

here's the 3 pics i took

I was out the door at 7:30 this morning, and ack, my car is just covered in some sort of salt water/air/moisture film.... i can't wait to get her detailed tomorrow
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^ im rewashing my car tomorrow morning.. that salt was ridiculous..
just about everyone car was covered with sand. i sprayed mines when we got back to orlando. other than that dude at the front desk it was a great meet for me.
after all that sand got on my car i had to wax it today :p then went on a photoshoot. i'll post some pics up later
xunszrox on Sep/30/07 said:
after all that sand got on my car i had to wax it today :p then went on a photoshoot. i'll post some pics up later
baller, post them up
ya i cant wait to wash all the sand off of my car tomorrow morning b4 i have to work. I had a blast, we took a lot of pictures but from 2000greenteg's camera... i cant wait to see all the pictures.
Bllllllleccccchhhhhhh!! Captain Morgans
nice pics Pat! i looked like i pissed myself in the one pic.
MorningZ on Sep/30/07 said:
Bllllllleccccchhhhhhh!! Captain Morgans
How the hell did those tegs get on the track?
apparently SCCA was having some sort of event and some tegs just happened to be out there...
i thought i heard VTAKkk heh
wow looks like fun

nice pics
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Team Integra FTW! I had a blast this weekend with all of you! Just next time lets know how far we gotta walk before we go hiking off to the next dennys!
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