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Hello everyone!

I'd love to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my new-to-me 96 LS. As you've seen from the title the previous owner put a D16Y6 into this car after originally purchasing it to strictly take the motor out of it. In the labor of love having been only the second owner, he decided to replace it with something to keep it alive. What's left is an 83k mile Granada black tan-interior excellent daily driver that's so far gotten me mid-30s mpg, you can't really beat that sometimes. The original owner purchased the car when she was 70, like an absolute boss, and kept meticulous care and record of the car and I have approximately 23 years and probably nearly 100 invoices for myriad items (primarily dealership invoices). The next owner did no short feat in continuing the legacy of maintaining a well-kept time-capsule from the 90s.

-Enough waxing philosophical about the past, who am I?-

Admittedly I've never owned a Honda before, though the Integra has always kept a special place in my heart (no, not Monica), and I'd determined to buy one some day when I found an example I liked. I've been in Miata world for 9 years (and still own my 82k 94 classic red), and spent about 5 years before that in the DSM world. While my knowledge of Hondas is very limited, I'm excited to learn new things from you all and enjoy my time cruising around in just a great daily. The car is otherwise stock besides the RPF1s and engine swap (i also have the original steelies).

-What's next?-

Sometime in the next few weeks I have an appointment to get it oil undercoated, something I've done for my Miata several times and works a treat. Given the impending winter season I'll for now just be dailying the car around, switching off periodically to my Miata during the snowy season to help minimize exposure for both of them. Next season however I'm unsure where to go next. Part of me wants to put a suspension on it, however I'm a bit torn on the matter. Having owned a few cheap to mid-priced suspension setups over the years I feel a bit burned by their overall daily-able ride quality, and feel determined to pay extra for a good setup that has both good road feel as well as butt-feel. Any insights here regarding a semi-stock combo utilizing stock struts and aftermarket springs? Are there any diamond-in-the-rough spring/strut combos out there that won't break the bank but give the car that much more turn-in and sustain goodness?

I've seen plenty of threads already pertaining to the rear wheel well rubber pieces causing all sorts of havoc, and it seems this car suffered a similar fate however has been repaired with what seems to be a piece of rear panel (as opposed to bondo). Something I'd like to tackle next spring/summer is re-spraying and blending in the paint here. However on the note of rust, any particular "gotchas" to look out for or places of common issue? I plan next weekend to pull the sideskirts off and give a look under there and make sure there's nothing unexpected happening. In the same vein, do you think I should keep these off when I get the car undercoated to prevent future build-up and put them back on after the job?

The mileage on the engine is unknown, however the previous owner asserts his bench compression tests showed 180+ on all four, something I'll definitely verify over the next few days. I'll probably not do anything here, since it runs great and doesn't apparently have any issues. Moreover, this car's original engine is coming out of the car it was swapped into, and when that happens will be returning to me (so any/all performance mods if i even go to that, will be relegated to that endeavor).

I'd like to minimally repair/replace the front bumper cover, and possible the rear as well, sometime next year once the nice weather comes back around since there are some pretty good scrapes in them that are the primary weak parts aesthetically (aside from the re-sprayed rear wheel arches).

Any other kinds of quality-of-life items you'd wished you knew as a budding Integra owner? Life hacks, must-dos, etc.?

Thank you all in advance, and if we don't speak directly I'm sure to see you in the threads.

Please forgive me in advance for shamelessly re-using some pictures of the car the previous owner used for the sale, since my smartphone would not do any sort of photographic justice.

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