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So I have a 92 Da integra. My cv was making a popping noise which I decided I should probably replace it. I replaced the driver side cv axle and trying to get the last bit of the cv out was awful. Pryed on it for a long time with no luck. Ended up welding a piece to it and slide hammering it out.

Now the problem is when we put the new one in and finished everything I went for a drive. Now the driver side tire feels like it's shaking when accelerating around 2000-4000 rpm. The shake feels like it's coming through the steering wheel and it feel like just the one wheel is shaking. We have no idea what the issue could be. It never was like that before and put same rims and wheels back on.

I know this has been talked about prior but I couldent find an add that had a solution for my situation.

I'd greatly appreciate any help thanks you integra community.
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