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Well heres the plan, we'll meet up at my homies donut shop in San Dimas for 1 hour and head up to Glendora Mountain Road for a spirited drive. We will be entering from Front Side and exiting thru Azuza Canyon. We'll cruise up through glendora (front side) and chill at top section or side where the 3 road meets. After the Cruise we can eat at In-N-Out off of Azusa Ave.(optional) past the 210 Fwy.

-Please Drive Cautiously & Watch out for Bikers. KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

Date and Time
Date: September 29, 2007
Time to meet up: 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Time Heading out: 1:00PM

Store: Donut Club
Loacation: City of San Dimas
861 W Arrow Hwy
San Dimas CA 91773-2406

ClubRSX/Dc5nation Sign Up list
1. DOHCtor88
2. DOHCtor
3. Brody8877
4. TypeS7
5. KaLs2k6
6. mikko


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uhh, didnt dary already make a thread for the gmr cruise?

and another thing to watch out for besides bikers.
1. be ready for other "spirited drivers" who are comming the opposite direction, I went up there for a photoshoot and a tougin' malibu almost hit me.

2. watch out for animals! I almost took out a deer because it got scared and decided to run onto the road when I was taking a turn, I was within inches of taking the deer out.

I had to learn the hard way trying to keep up with a WRX.
I did keep up for awhile, but lets just say that understeer made me forfeit. Go at your own paste. what can go wrong will go wrong!

So I just stopped going. havent been to any canyons for a long time, the risk factor is just WAY to high for me.

well, be safe and have fun

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^^^ i remember seeing something about that, don't really remember...

I've got to raise my car a tad beofore it, if I can afford alignment --- my camber kits are smashing my engine bay on hard turns, it really ****s things up. if I get that done I'm all over this.
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