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crank angle sensor?

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i'm building a b18c1 block and i notice it has a sensor by the crank. is this an obd2 thing because my 94 gsr doesn't seem to have that same wire down there by the crank pulley. my cuz told me obd1 crank angle sensors are in the dizzy. correct?? well i'm planning or running obd1 anyways, will i need the sensor there behind the crank pulley or just leave it alone. (the seller told me it was a 95)
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if you are running an obd1 ecu you will be perfectly fine no need for the sensor at all. If you do end up running obd2 you will throw a code for "cfk 2" which can easily be eliminated by jumping 2 other wires on the ecu to trick it into seeing the right voltage.
I know on OBDII cars the motor wont start without that sensor. Not sure how you could run the motor on OBDI
killme, i'm not sure i'm understanding your statement completely correct but if i am that is not true. An OBD1 car is not looking for the sensor (as there is no wire and the ecu never looks for a signal from it) and on an OBD2 car it will start right up just throw the "cfk 2" code...I know this because i just put a 95 gsr motor in my OBD2 96.
You do NOT need that sensor if you're running OBDI. I just took mine off when I built my motor (Bought a OBDII year block and it came with it).
Ok, my mistake what I was refering to is the "Computer-Controlled Electronic Ignition" which actually requires a triggering device (Crank Postion Sensor) to create current to flow into the coil.
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