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Birthday Gift & few updates
Uploaded "Old" Tach video
Hate Thieves & New Shift Light & Painted Lip DONE!!
:Updates: Warning long read & lock issue fixed
Ukdm fog brackets back from Powder Coating
Second set of Uk Fogs
Brake pedal Feel Issue & Q's
more cluster pics (95% done)
Even more cluster Pics
Gauge Update (last one for the night)
Cluster Update!!!!
Cluster I am working on
Itr Trunk Mat.........Score!!!!!
Thank you for the Table of Contents Feature
Lugnuts i decided to buy
Caliper problem Fixed/ rims & lugs/ & My $10,500 Tool BOX!!!
Mc installed/ brake problems and questions
Toda/G-stop Brake lines/Oem Itr
How to secure EDM rear foglight & a must for oem antenna delete
Custom Ashtray Gauges
Push start button setup mounted & pictures of interior
UK/Edm Fenders painted(side markers) Front-bumper painted with fogs w/ unique turn signals
3 button Push Start W/ alarm Wiring Diagram
Plug-n-play Rear EDM Foglight Harness
Lil DUI update
3 Button Push Start Wiring diagram
Two Button Push Start Button wiring diagram
Keyless Push Button wiring "DONE"
lil DUI update & "Raccoon Mario"
DL suspended (Bull **** DUI) & Tlangy Admits it was him HA
First Carbon Clock Pod in the US son!!!!!!!!!
Pictures of clean rear, under dash, New Jdm wheel & fender harness mounted
issue with ignition (resolved)
Fuel tuck stuff
Push Button mock up, New SMSP Cat
Under Dash harness mocked up, Mil-spec harness hole cut out
Pictures of the oem wiring mess, & passenger side fender wires loomed
Start button update & New Mil-Spec Harness
Sharpie lip ruined, Teaser of new project
Rear Harness mocked up
Ignition/trunk/entire rear harness loomed with Braided sleeving
Intro, Car gutted, sound dampening material removed, Interior Painted

Whats going on T-I. I figured i would be a tad bit more active on here since i usually only help people out in the electrical section & what better way than to start my own build

I own a Black 95 Integra GSR!!!! which i purchased late of 04? it came with
-GSr oem optional -94-97 Leather interior
Cutom Subwoofer box & amp rack in the rear
15yr old alpine radio lol (still works)
15yr old subs/speakers/amps (all work)

Had some huge 17inch no name rims
lowered 2.5inches
other than that all stock

Dc 4-2-1 headers
magnaflow exhaust
Oem intake arm attached to a greddy airinx?

After owning the car for several years (all the fun in the back seat lol & yes there is room) along with all the trips to numerous beaches I decided to clean the entire interior. But what started as a simple a carpet clean job i figured if i have the seats out all take the panels out then i ended up taking the dash out.

then i figured i would remove the Sound Dampening material, after it was removed there were some scuffs so i figured might as well paint the interior. once that was done i figured since the entire interior is empty i might as well tuck the car & bay.

So the Process begins

Gut Entirior 100% (all bolts & grommets)
Paint interior
Delete Abs
RE-loom all the wires inside with Bradided loom
semi-tuck the interior harness

I began by removing "ALL" the sound Dampening material in the car.

This is what it looks like after removing it with a heat gun

And what it looks like after cleaning it with a degreaser & lost of simple green

& The little piece underneath the radio

there are actually allot more piece's in the car than there are mentioned in the article, but in order to remove them you would have to take off your dash heater core, Ac, Blower motor to get tot hem all & yes i did remove them all.

I rolled like this for about a year and wasn't satisfied. The interior is now two different colors & there are nicks and scrapes here and there from the removal. So i wanted i want to paint the inside so it doesn't rust over time, i was debating between two colors, either battleship grey or a flat black, my neighbor recommended the battleship grey because i guess allot of old school racers use to use that in the day because it was easy to check for cracks or damages in the frame,

i am sorry they are not integra pics but it was hard just finding some good pics

flat black interior

Battleship Grey

Battleship Grey on black car with black panels


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94carbonteg on Feb/18/09 said:
Love it man, This is what im doing to my teg, except cutting out all the unnecessary brackets, and puting in a cage. It looks so clean back there too. keep up the good work
Thanks bro, I hove a 4pt auto power roll bar that's going in. The rust bullet paint is just my first base coat, ill help cover up any exposed metal, prevent rust. Later on its not a high priority at the moment but ill pain the interior the actual Battleship Grey.

i ended up purchasing some rust bullet paint had a good friend shoot the entire inside of the car.

So just to let T-i know i am completely anal on how i do things so when i prepped the car to get painted i removed EVERYTHING. That Includes 100% of grommets, bolts, nuts, Especially wires/wire harness and clips were removed that means anything to i could see that could be removed was removed.

I hate and ill repeat my self hate OVER SPRAY with a passion. I see people paint Exterior/Interior of cars and their is over spray on this and that wire harness. I personally think it it looks horrible when you see a nice car and your looking around and you see painted Struts, connectors, wire harness, plugs, bolts and ****.

Enough of me talking here are some pics ::note i already began bolting things up::

Oh my Could These holes be for my new Auto power roll bar????

Notice he painted all of it, even behind the panels

i have allot more to post, but ill wait for a bit i have to put some finishing touches on my harness, for those of you that know shhhhhhhh

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Spanadian on Feb/19/09 said:
good work man that looks really good. cant wait to see some pics of when its done keep us updated with pics keep up the good work

Quote: Moose07 on Feb/19/09 Wow, pretty sick

Quote: jae_rex on Feb/18/09 Wow. Great looking project. Can't wait to see the final results.

thanks you guys

Quote: petwhookie on Feb/19/09 Damn, so this is what you have been up to. I always PM'd you about spraying the interior haha. Could your friend do mine?

I'm in the same process, just a few steps behind ;)
lol yeah ive been working hard, good luck bro ill i can say its a fun process and you learn allot from it. Ill let him know your interested, you can either bring it to his house (i had tow mine their) or if you have a big air compressor he can come to you.

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Ok for those of you that have ever been underneath your dash and have seen all the metal brackets/tubes/bars they usually are pretty rusted like this or worse.

i drove to sears picked up some wire wheels and got to work son!

afterwords i hit them up with some primer and my fav paint.

Enjoy the pics

I have 3 more brackets drying as i speak & i have one left to go, the one attached to the dash were the radio bolts up too.

Also Notice no bolts were painted, just the way i like it

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coolhandluke on Feb/19/09 said:
Dash brackets look very good. I look forward to updates. When is your next event? You are miles ahead of me, but I'm registered for the ITR Expo on May 18-19th so wish me luck. Best of luck your build!
Good luck bro, My friend attended last years expo i herd it was a blast. At the moment i am not registered but i know some people that work at infineon/Thunder hill raceways so lets just say no fees for me
or at least most of the time.

Now the downside is im trying to save up for a house at the moment so its taking me allot longer to finish this build then i had hoped for. I still have my entire suspension to go new hubs/bearings/nuts & bolts/ bushings/ PIC Selects/axles fro my 5 lug conversion. I also have to finish my tuck, and me being anal and trying to get close to all new parts doesn't seem to help lol. I just got back from the dealer and dropped $210 on random bolts/screw/clips on the interior along with taillight gaskets and misc .things.

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This is the first of a few updates to come today so stay tuned for the rest later on .

Yessss i am all done painting all the brackets inside. The last one i had left was the dash bracket, it took me about 45min just to remove all the rust it had.

The pics (they look 100x better in person)
Got Rust?

me getting to work with the wire wheel

45% of rust removed 55 to go.

After a couple of coats of primer

After i painted them with my fav color, replaced all the screw/clips with new Oem ones enjoy.

::Teaser pic of more to come::

Ignition wires loomed and heat shrink.


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Ok as promised the rest of the update for today.

Since i was going to have a gutted car i wanted to have it looking some what nice you know so when the ladies get in.

I loomed ALL the interior wires except for the one that runs along the firewall. If i did end up doing that one i would have had to de-pin well over 100+ wires at one time and im sure i would have messed something up. I ended up running new wires for the Edm rear fog light (used oem wires & pins) within the oem harness so their aren't any random wires zip tied in my car.

My ignition key cylinder wires all nicely loomed up

My Jdm/Edm Foglight harness i made (its up for sale)

This is the harness that goes on the rear hatch itself.

Notice I still re-used the oem factory grommet and left a piece of heat shrink to cover the end up once its installed

This is the dome light/moon roof harness

Now this is the harness that took me for ever!!! i would either not have the right size heat shrink or something. I de-pined the entire harness, NOT one wire was cut and it branches off so many times, that's what made it so damn difficult. My struggle with it is over so enjoy the pics T-I.

Look how big it is and how much loom i used i could barely fit in the picture

Remember not one wire was cut i de-pined them all

Rear Edm foglight switch ran within loom (used oem plugs and wires)

I also ran within the oem harness the wires to the Fog switches that go on the armrest inserts.

and ran oem plugs and relay to the fuse box for the Fogs within the harness

I cleaned all the grommets that go to the fuel pump covers and plugs And heat shrink the ends

and the rest of the plugs from Door trigger plugs to speaker/antenna/trunk latch/rear taillight plugs

some of you will actually understand and appreciate the hard work that went into these harness. It was Hard but well worth it, i would like to think this distinguishes me from allot of the people out there now.

all comments welcomed


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DontPout on Feb/20/09 said:
wow how much time and money did you spend on just that?..x_x

nice though wish i had time, money, and patience to do all that.
Sup guys, thats my older brother, and i can assure you that he has spent a lot of money...hahaha

but in the end its going to be worth it.
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